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Wooden kitchen and dining room accessories

You likely have one or more wooden pieces of furniture in your kitchen/dining rooms but have you considered wooden kitchen accessories or wooden dining room accessories for adding some warmth, texture and character to your space?
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Farmhouse tabletop décor

Styling farmhouse tabletop decor doesn’t have to be hard. You can enhance and refresh your space by adding in a few items from our fall collection.
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Classic additions for your fall farmhouse décor

Rose Buds often ask how to decorate a mantel for fall. I’ve got a few words of inspiration: Simple. Neutral. Whimsical.
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Infusing foliage into your modern farmhouse fall décor

Autumn tones don’t need to be depressing or drab. There’s a wide range of hues in our fall collection for wreaths, stems and bouquets in dazzling shades.
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Coastal farmhouse decor

A walk on the beach inspired our Coastal Collection - full of seagrass elements, gauzy fabrics and creamy whites.
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Bogg Bags for every season

Bogg Bags became the essential summer beach accessory as they can hold all your needs, but they’re great for any season.
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