Brighten your space with faux winter greenery

Brighten your space with faux winter greenery

It’s all ice and snow in New England right now, with chills so low outside that it’s tough to catch your breath. Winter isn’t all frozen toes, though, as evidenced by the faux winter greenery in our winter collection.

One of the questions we get from Rose Buds is, “I love greenery, but what are some unique ways to style it?” Great question! You don’t have to use greenery in the traditional manner all the time - though there is something to be said for a classic stem display in an antique vase.

Eucalyptus and Baby Ivy Mixed Wreath

Take a look at the image above and see how we styled a handsome Eucalyptus and Baby Ivy Mixed Wreath in front of a large, round mirror. It gives fresh life to both items.

Many of us have neutral spaces of whites and beiges inside, which may not help the winter blues when it’s frigid. Add color and charm with faux winter greenery bushes, candle rings, garland and wreaths.

Soft Green Drooping Ficus Bush

I like layering different pieces of faux greenery to create a lush, full display, such as across and in front of a mantel. A Soft Green Drooping Ficus Bush paired with a strand or two of garland completely transforms your mantel. While this greenery is part of our winter collection, it will also carry you into spring and beyond. 

Forest Birch Candle

Totally in love with the Forest Birch Candle - two sizes - as it’s one of those small décor items that fits into a variety of spaces but also delivers cozy winter feels.

Baby Ivy Candle Ring

Pair the birch tree candle with a Baby Ivy Candle Ring for a pop of color and extra texture. The leaves on this piece are so lifelike.

Bleached and Natural Floral Bouquet

For our boho-loving Rose Buds, the faux winter greenery collection has some lovely, natural options, such as a versatile Bleached and Natural Floral Bouquet. Sure, it will help create a delightful dining room table, but this bouquet also looks wonderful draped in front of a mirror or even hung with some twine on a wall. A couple different items on the wall easily transform your space for the season.

 Bleached Hydrangea

If you want something a bit bolder for a display, pair the bouquet with a stem or three of Bleached Hydrangea. The different textures catch the eye for a lush table centerpiece.

Boho Wooden Bead Swag Garland

While technically not faux greenery, utilize the versatility of some Boho Wooden Bead Swag Garland to transform your dining room into a winter boho gathering space. Use the garland on your buffet, sideboard or consoles. The wooden beads also look marvelous next to some faux greenery on the mantel, too.

Snow White Ranunculus

For tight spaces, a Snow White Ranunculus packs a punch. You’ll adore the white buds and pointy green leaves.

Long Eucalyptus Stem

Remember, bits and bobs go a long way in changing the look and feel of your spaces. You can pair a Long Eucalyptus Stem with other faux greenery pieces for a showcase piece. Alternatively, stems help transform your shelfscapes. 

Eucalyptus and Baby Ivy Mixed Half Sphere

If you need a reminder that warmer days are coming, a Eucalyptus and Baby Ivy Mixed Half Sphere is a friendly addition. Round faux greenery with color variegation and texture always brings a smile to my face. 

We love to see your creative ways of styling faux winter greenery, too. Please share your photos to help inspire us and your fellow Rose Buds!


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