Farmhouse table lamps and lighting for small spaces

Farmhouse table lamps and lighting for small spaces

Will the sun ever do more than tease us again? Yes, I know brighter days are coming, but there are still more than 30 days of winter in the Northeast as I write this - and the technical beginning of spring means nothing in New England. However, we can achieve a welcoming, bright cottagecore aesthetic with some well-placed, small lamps, candles and rings, perhaps even adorned with some fun faux greenery.

What is cottagecore aesthetic, I hear some of you asking? Cottagecore is a newish design trend with an emphasis on a house that’s cozy, comfy and a little bit country. That sounds like modern farmhouse to me! 

A cottagecore way of thinking is, let’s get away from the urban hustle and bustle and relax in a cabin-esque atmosphere. If you don’t have a cabin in the woods to escape to, you can still create a cottagecore aesthetic in your existing space.

Cozy and comfy? We’ve got you covered. Let’s start with some illumination. Brighten some of those shadowy areas in your space with well-placed table lamps. Farmhouse table lamps are a wonderful way to showcase some smaller décor pieces beneath the shade or next to the lamp. 

Lucas Distressed Table Lamp

A distressed, antique appearance is perfect when going for that cottagecore, farmhouse or boho vibe. The Lucas distressed table lamp has a neutral gray tone and brownish markings, so it’s not going to take over the space. I’m really digging the urn-shaped base. 

Calder Mini Table Lamp

The Calder mini table lamp is sleek and slightly distressed. The white of the base and shade stand out even if it’s not plugged in. This lamp is marvelous against a variety of wood shades, and can bring new life to a vintage desk or small table. 

Bonnie Table Lamp

The base on a Bonnie table lamp reminds me of a candlestick. The creamy-colored base features some distinct age marks, making it resemble an antique. I can picture this lamp next to a set of bookends with some classic tomes between them.

 Cement-Look Table Lamp with Natural Shade

The circular shade is a lovely compliment to the stark base of the Cement-look table lamp with a natural shade. It doesn’t have as much distressing as the lamps above, so if you’re looking for crisp and clean, this is your next lamp. 

Noah Charcoal Ceramic Urn Lamp

On the flip side, a Noah charcoal ceramic urn lamp has a remarkable tone, deep and rich, compared to its natural, white shade. It’s got great texture, too. It’s not too big and goes well in a guest bedroom or a den-like space that needs a little extra light. 

 Ezra Mango Wood Taper Candle Holder

Winter is candle season, too, Rose Buds. I adore a tall, thin taper on a candlestick, such as the Ezra mango wood taper candle holder. There are two sizes but both have a smooth feel and fine carvings. 

Hilda Mango Wood Taper Candle Holder

Mango wood is gorgeous and versatile, and I’d be hard pressed to come up with another piece as nice as the Hilda mango wood taper candle holder. The tone is a neutral mix of rust and white. Of course a white candle works but I like experimenting with bolder colors here, too.  

Into The Woods Clear Glass

Speaking of bold, just wait until you get a whiff of our exclusive clear glass Into the Woods poured candle. It’s a warm, inviting candle perfect for the transition from winter to spring. We poured these in Maine, and they won’t last long (in fact, the two-wick candle is already sold out). The vessels remind me of classic fairy tales. 

Colmar Baby Leaf Taper Candle Ring

There’s nothing like a little faux greenery inside to make you forget the cold gloominess outdoors. A Colmar baby leaf taper candle ring adds a touch of spring to any of the candle holders above. 

Wispy Vine Taper Ring

If you’d like a little more flourish in a space, a Wispy vine taper ring also adds some character to an existing or any of the candle holders above. 

Ah, I’m feeling a little warmer already after exploring these décor items for your modern farmhouse rooms (or cottagecore spaces). Let me know how you style your candles and lamps so we can share with the other Rose Buds. 

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