A splash of green adds a touch of majesty. We look to sprays, bushes, wreaths, sprigs and other bits of green to deliver a special, finishing touch to a variety of spaces. A little garland or swag gently draped across the mantle says, “This room is loved.”
Faux Spring Vine Candle Ring With Flameless Candle
Rose Bud Vine Garland
Rose Bud Vine Garland
Rose Bud Vine Stem in Water Hyacinth Wall Basket
Dusty Miller Faux Floral Stem
Rose Bud Vine Wreath
Faux Cream Eucalyptus Spray
Faux Boxwood Vine Wreath
Faux Celadon Eucalyptus Seed Stem
Faux Baby Ivy Mini Wreath
Baby Ivy Mini Wreath
Faux White Eucalyptus Stem
Faux Cream Silver Dollar Stem
Faux Basil Drop-In With Root Ball
Faux Maidenhair Drop-In With Root Ball