Farmhouse and Vintage Style Home Decor, & Furnishings Located in the Northborough Area

Purple Rose Home is located in Northborough, Massachusetts on historical Route 20. In addition to later being a well traveled antique shopping road, RT 20 was the only road from Boston to New York during the Revolutionary War. The road was traveled by George Washington, Paul Revere, and Henry Knox.  While the date of construction on the house is debatable as 1850's or late 1800's, we do know that the estate across the street known as the White Cliffs was built by Daniel Wesson of Smith and Wesson Firearms Magnate in 1886. This was Wesson's summer home. Alas, there isn't much information on 140 Main St however the many stories from folks who've had family members that lived here are enjoyable none the less. 

Owner, Vicki Martelli, purchased the two story colonial style building in 1997. After becoming a victim to corporate "down-sizing", she decided to take her love for home decor and make it her new career. It was only fitting that she opened an antique store in this perfect historic venue. Since 97' the eight rooms of this unique home have been filled with styles ranging from American country antiques, Victorian laces and velvets, shabby chic pastels and ruffles, to the eclectic mix that the home decor evolution has brought it to today. Whether scouring the national trade shows for unique reproductions or leisurely strolling through the fleas, The Purple Rose has managed to keep up with the trends while staying true to New England Style. Distressed furniture, traditional farmhouse, modern farmhouse, a little boho, a little real vintage, and accessories galore are what fill these rooms every day.

Joining Vicki in May 2005, her daughter Kim brought in fresh ideas and an ambition to push the store into the next tier. With a degree in fashion design, her passion for clothing began to dwindle as she worked by mom’s side learning the beauties of home decor and furnishings. Kim launched in the same year she came on board and in 2010 started an advertising campaign of "Unique, Not Antique". Her role in general operations, social media, buying, and visual merchandising, as well as significantly growing their Instagram presence has opened the doors to a younger and wider range of demographics that are perfect additions to The Purple Rose family.

While the mother and daughter team have their moments, here is never a dull moment when these two put their heads together.

Once you step foot inside, you feel as though you have just walked into the warmest home on the coldest day. Smell the sweet aroma of the newest candle scent as you saunter through each room admiring the displays created by the talented visual team. After twenty years in the corporate retail world, Vicki has brought her love for her home and excellent business sense together to create an environment of peaceful and affordable home shopping for New Englanders to enjoy. The Purple Rose Home team are what make the Purple Rose the store that it is today.

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