Spring greenery and vessels

Spring greenery and vessels

There’s been a welcome break in winter weather, a tease of spring in New England. I love that daylight is hanging around a bit later these days. It’s inspiring some simple farmhouse décor enhancements around my spaces using spring greenery.

Blushing Eucalyptus Spray

Simple yet effective decorating only takes a couple items. For example, a soft Blushing Eucalyptus Spray  placed in any size of an Echo Vase offers a striking contrast between the pink of the leaves and the stark white of the vase. 

The combination instantly brightens a room, and looks great on a dining table, shelfscape - even on the mantel. Place the eucalyptus spray within an Echo Vase in an area of the home where people gather. It will offer serenity and a hint that warmer, sunnier days lie ahead.

Blushing Eucalyptus Bundle

If you want to make a bigger statement, the Blushing Eucalyptus Bundle has five stems that can be separated and placed into each bottle of the Echo Speckled Cream Vase set. Spread them across a mantel or a window sill. 

The brightness and variety of shades of white can liven your space. White tones gel well with soft colors, such as stems in shades of shell, blush or coral. 

Floret Peony

For example, pair a Floret Peony Bundle in white with a blush Floret Peony stem.  They look delicate and beautiful in a farmhouse décor vessel such as our Highland Cream Stoneware Pitcher. The pitcher has a glossy sheen that plays well off the buds and leaves of the faux green stems. 

Cream Real Touch Magnolia Bundle

I adore a thin vase with tall bundles of petals popping out the top. Take two identical or similar thin vases and add a stem or two of each of the Cream Real Touch Magnolia Bundle and Rouge Real Touch Magnolia Bundle. Let pink and white signify that parka weather is about to ease into sweater weather. 

The right décor items can instantly make our rooms feel warmer.

Snow White Ranunculus

But take that same space, open the drapes and add some white and pink to a few spaces and suddenly the thermostat doesn’t need to be set so high. The milky white, tiny buds on a Snow White Ranunculus faux plant are precious and the green stems are lifelike (without the maintenance requirements of the real thing!).

Stoneware Pitcher Tan

Add them and mix it up with some other pieces of faux spring greenery and arrange them in a Stoneware Pitcher in Tan. It’s got an antique look and a neutral tone that allows the greenery to be the star of the show.

 Pink Bud Bush

If you want a showstopper display, use the tan stone pitcher with one each of the Pink Bud Bush and Lavender Bud Bush for some bright spring colors. It makes for a lush display perfect for your dining room table centerpiece. The pitcher and bushes look great with any tone of wood.

Lattice Woven Glass Lantern

If you tend to mix modern farmhouse décor with touches of boho, this Lattice Woven Glass Lantern is gorgeous by itself but also brings a feeling of spring with some faux greenery pieces tucked inside. Think of those fun, little air plants but amplified - and no watering necessary. 

That’s what I love about modern farmhouse vases and spring greenery. You can style them and restyle them without dealing with dirt or watering.

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