Light up your space with faux spring flowers

Light up your space with faux spring flowers

You’re not the only one counting down the days to the vernal equinox. Spring will soon be upon us, and all it takes are some clever placements of faux spring flowers to bring new life to your home. We’re tickled pink (purple and green) with our spring 2022 collection

Here are some easy, low-maintenance suggestions for breathing life into your interior with modern farmhouse spring décor items. 

Faux spring flowers and even paper flowers are so lifelike today, it’s challenging to tell the real from the fab(ricated). We’re having a grand ol’ time putting together faux flower arrangements in a variety of vases and vessels in the shop. 

While pops of bright color are what some might expect with spring décor, we found some gorgeous muted tones to complement your neutral setting.

Dusty Miller Stem

For example, I think this Dusty Miller spray with gray leaves and a simple, green stem is striking. It stands on its own in a vase or on a shelf but imagine how a few of these will look next to some pale faux flower buds in an arrangement.

Purple Eucalyptus Spray

Take a gander at this handsome eucalyptus spray. Those leaves are so delicate, splayed outward to add dimension to your bouquet. I find the spray blends well with a lavender bush, for some variety in purple tones.

Purple Cone Stem Bundle

Feeling bold? How about including this hearty purple cone into the arrangement. Long stems with puffs of faint purple at the end - loving it!

Modern Stoneware Vase 3 Sizes

Keeping with the neutral vibes, we discovered three sizes of a pale, glazed stoneware vase so you have a variety depending on the length of stems you choose, or how much stem you prefer visible. Of course, if you decide on one of each size, they’ll make a marvelous display on your spring-themed mantle or shelfscape. 

I like pairing faux spring flowers next to a light source, too. That might be the perfect spot on a table when the sun lingers for some time or next to a small selection of candles and holders. We decided to add some LED string lights into the spring collection for use inside a vase or vessel. Yes, the lights look great exposed in a transparent vase, but the warm glow they offer inside a translucent vase is also a fine look.

Small Porthole Mirror

We’re always looking for great wall mirrors for the home, both to give the feeling of a larger space and to see your décor items from different angles. Faux spring flowers look splendid reflected in a mirror. My current favorite is a small, square, wood mirror with hints of whitewash. The frame itself is square but the mirror inside is round and just adorable.

Handmade Paper Wall Flower

While bringing the walls to life with some fun spring accessories, how about some handmade paper flowers? We have a variety of shapes and colors and all of them pair well with the square wall mirror frame.

Walnut Stained Paulownia Tall Vase

We also added a Walnut Stained Paulownia Tall Vase. It’s rugged and charming with some deep, dark brown grains flowing through the bodies.

Paper Flower Pick

Paper flowers aren’t just for DIY crafters anymore. The stems and sprays we chose for spring aren’t traditional spring colors. I find they have more of a boho look and they pair well with a wood vase. They’ll add some warmth to your space as we ease into warmer temperatures. Mix and match a thin pick-style flower, chrysanthemum and budding spray.

We also included some brighter bud options and some wonderful vase and vessel choices in our previous blog post. Take a look for more modern farmhouse spring décor ideas!

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