Adding life to your boho dining room

Adding life to your boho dining room

New year, new niche? Crawling out of the holiday season, I take a look around my comfort zones - including the boho dining room - and know it’s time for rejuvenation. Refreshing a variety of spaces with a few simple adjustments can help you avoid the winter blahs as you relax in the rooms with fresh life.

As we’re all aware, the dining room isn’t just used for meal gatherings. I often sit at the table to jot notes, read and make plans. Sometimes I just take a few minutes for a cup of tea and me. I love the table, but many of us also relish a refresh each season. A simple solution is changing the runner.

Ivory woven table runner

That might be the best place to begin your boho dining room ideas - a new runner. Our Ivory woven table runner is a boho fan’s dream. The creamy tone and soft woven texture is subtle enough to allow your dishware to shine. And the large chunky tassels and frayed edges have that whimsical, boho feel.

Lulla hand-woven jute runner

Want a completely different look and texture? Try the Lulla hand-woven jute runner, with natural tones and a neutral appearance to blend seamlessly with any table shade. I’ve seen it on a large, gray/whitewashed table and it looks marvelous.

And if you really want to keep it simple, the Lotta linen table runner in beige is super-neutral so you can utilize your dishware, flower vases or candlesticks to bring some pops of color to the room.

I adore a boho-style chandelier but sometimes they don’t add quite enough illumination to the room for a dinner gathering. Say you’re serving from a buffet and you need to add some light to the delicious selections. How about adding a small table lamp? 

You may not imagine a boho dining room with table lamps, but why not? A great thing about table lamps is how mobile they are for wherever you need them. They may not always live in the dining room but go where they can shine some light on the subject - literally. 

Calder mini table lamp

Go vintage with a distressed, white based Calder mini table lamp that adds some unique flavor but doesn’t demand all the attention in the room. 

Lucas distressed table lamp

The antique-looking Lucas distressed table lamp has an understated brown patina on the gray base, giving it a classic appearance. 

Bonnie table lamp

The Bonnie table lamp is a sleek, lovely lady deserving of a spot in your boho dining room, too. 

Now that we’ve got enough light and a lovely table runner, let’s complete the new table visage with some boho dining room ideas:

Block print cotton napkin set

An eye-pleasing Block print cotton napkin set has an ivory color with a simple repeated gray pattern, which works with any style and tone of dishware.

Glaze stoneware creamer and sugar

Utilize a charming, shiny Glaze stoneware creamer and sugar to bring the boho to after-dinner coffee service. 

Bamboo wrapped salad servers

One of my current favorite items are the Bamboo wrapped salad servers, which are functional but also look really smart in a wood bowl as décor on a shelfscape in the dining room or kitchen. 

Bleached and Natural Florals

A clean centerpiece works well for these chilly winter months, so take a bouquet of Bleached and Natural Florals and place them in one of your existing receptacles. They’re eye-catching and gorgeous in a boho dining room. 

Tuscan marble cheese board

Charm your guests with a charcuterie of cheeses and aged meats on a Tuscan marble cheese board with a knife. The milky base with brown striping gives this board a marbled appearance. It’s functional, but also works well hung on a hook in the room. 

Modern metal and wood wall shelf

Speaking of walls, we’re often looking for charming ways to store our dining room accoutrement, and this Modern metal and wood wall shelf comes in three sizes, so they can function as storage and shelves for your boho dining room décor.

I’m excited to see how you style these items into your refreshed dining room space. Rose Buds are always looking for new ideas for design, so please share your boho dining room ideas!

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