Celebrate the season with great gift giving

Celebrate the season with great gift giving

One of the coolest things about fans of modern farmhouse decor is they have a lot of unique and fun pieces in their homes. But that can sometimes make it frustrating when buying farmhouse gifts for those near and dear, right? Well, we made it easy for Rose Buds to gift farmhouse delights this year with our perfect gift collection. Here are some of our favorites. 

Marbled Glass Into the Woods Poured Candle

We’re particularly proud of the Marbled Glass Into the Woods Poured Candle that Vic and I created. The scent is heavenly, the glass has a charming appearance, and it varies from one to three wicks, so you can select the perfect size. 

Finding the perfect farmhouse gift is something we all aspire to but it’s easier said than done. Space can be a challenge in every home, so you don’t want to go too big, right? We’ve curated some awesome finds that are big on farmhouse and boho vibes but small enough to fit into nooks and crannies. 

Christmas Tree Wooden Dough Bowl

If you like to gift items that help add some joy to the Christmas season, we’ve got you covered. Your friend will appreciate the versatility of our Christmas Tree Wooden Dough Bowl, which makes a great decor item for the kitchen or dining room but is also helpful when creating a delicious loaf of homemade bread.

Marble Tree Cutting Board with a Knife

Encourage a delightful charcuterie board by gifting a Marble Tree Cutting Board with a Knife. Sure, it looks like a Christmas tree but really it will work year round with a fine selection of meats, fruits and cheeses atop. They don’t call them “evergreens” for nothing!

Modern White Ceramic Stump Candle Holders

Unique candle holders are always on our must-find list, and I think we have a winner with the Modern White Ceramic Stump Candle Holders. A modern, creamy look and feel that also fits right in with rustic farmhouse style. This is another “I bet you don’t have these” gift that friends and loved ones will adore.

Carved Mango Wood House

Mango wood is another great option this year, and the Carved Mango Wood House Set of 3 looks wonderful placed on the mantel with candles behind it. But these can be used beyond the holiday season. They’ll be at home in any season.

 Gold Tone Plated Candle Snuffer or Trimmer

A thoughtful gift doesn’t need to break the bank, either. Keep it simple and your friends will appreciate the gesture. For example, do your friends already have a Gold Tone Plated Candle Snuffer or Trimmer? They probably don’t but they’ll love one or both as a gift.

Grayson Stoneware Scoop

Here’s a great value item that every kitchen can use, a Grayson Stoneware Scoop. Get a trio for a friend that loves to bake. They’re great for scooping flour and sugar into glass measuring cups. 

Let’s address the walls. Sometimes we forget about them or assume precious wall space is taken by family photos and rustic art. But it’s a fine idea to change things up once in a while.

Just living is not enough

This trio of artsy wall tarps is subtle yet lovely. I bet your best pals would agree “Just living is not enough.” All three of these cloth art pieces have floral themes and the black paint used for the image and messaging pops with a hint of gloss. The other two tarps include, “He said there are always flowers for those who want to see them,” credited to Henri Matisse, and William Wordsworth’s “Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” 

Heather Terracotta Wall Planter

If you’re looking to spoil that special someone, consider one of the garden-themed wall tarps and pair it with a Heather Terracotta Wall Planter. There’s a small and large option, and both have a creamy sheen. Think of them as a white pocket where you can tuck some faux greenery stems or small bushes.

Old Chippy Farmhouse Window Photo Frame

Whitewashed wood really embodies modern farmhouse vibes, especially when it’s one-of-a-kind. An Old Chippy Farmhouse Window Photo Frame is the ultimate farmhouse gift option, as each is unique. All frames are salvaged from European structures. Each varies in paint chippiness and tiny imperfections. These are frames worthy of a significant photo or beloved artwork. 

Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links

One of our most-popular items in 2021 is this set of Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links. I love them because they look equally good hanging on the wall or placed on a shelfscape or mantelscape. They have a rusty brown tone and fit in well with a variety of wall colors. And unless you bought a set for a friend earlier this year, I bet your BFF doesn’t have one yet!

A wonderful thing about this season is finding the perfect gift for that dear heart. I hope we’ve given you lots of ideas, and here’s to a wonderful season of sharing and love.


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