Bogg Bags for every season

Bogg Bags for every season
bogg bags

Bogg Bags are the new, hot, must-have summer item. We’ve dabbled in accessories over the years, and when Kim saw the Bogg Bags at a trade show, it was a no-brainer to add them for Rose Buds.

Currently, we have two sizes available in these colors: 

Bogg Bags became the essential summer beach accessory because they can hold all your needs - think towels, snacks, sunscreen and more  - and when it’s time to go home, you can load all the wet stuff inside for the journey home. Plus, they’re easy to clean! Just hose all the sand away and they’re ready for the next trip. 

When you see Bogg Bags in person, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a “Wow, these are so cool!” moment, too. Of course, being Purple Rose Home, we're going to work these in as décor pieces as well as accessories. That’s one of the things that makes us unique, using items in multiple ways, including beyond their intended use.

For example, I imagine the black Bogg Bag near your fireplace with wood inside. And during the holidays, add your firewood to the olive green or burgundy Bogg Bag. Our holiday 2022 décor will be available before we know it, and there are many options for décor items that will fit snugly inside a Bogg Bag.

I just thought, “Wow, they would be great for managing holiday wrapping and decorating supplies, too, like ribbon rolls, twine and more.” 

Bogg Bags are currently huge in coastal towns, and I see them maintaining their popularity year round. They’re perfect for gardening in the spring and fall, because, again, they clean so easily. 

During the times of year when fresh greenery is hard to find, Bogg Bags are the perfect vessel for faux greenery bushes, stems and half domes. 

Take them to farmer’s markets! You’ll probably get asked at least 10 times, “Where’d you get that bag?”

Bogg Bags are available in at least 25 different colors, though we concentrated on subtle tones that fit with the Purple Rose aesthetic and traditional New England colors. A lovely blush tone Bogg Bag sold out immediately, but we have more on order, so check back on the site soon!

If you use your imagination as we do, you can put a Bogg Bag to good use as decor in the kitchen, dining room, guest room, patio or bathroom. The majority of half baths we see in non-coastal towns have a coastal or beach theme, so there you go! 

We predict every season will be Bogg Bag season. Get yours today!


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