Coastal farmhouse decor

Coastal farmhouse decor

Living in New England provides Vic and I access to so much beautiful coastline but you don’t have to be next to the ocean to transform your space with coastal farmhouse décor. A walk on the beach inspired our Coastal Collection - full of seagrass elements, gauzy fabrics and creamy whites. 

Bring the Cape Cod look to your home even if you don’t have a beach house (wouldn’t it be great to have one, though!). The New Hampshire and Maine coastlines sparked this collection. We included accessories and décor items for living rooms/dens, powder rooms, entryways and the kitchen/dining area. We envision any of these items integrating easily with either modern farmhouse décor or coastal boho décor styles.

Not a lot of space on the shelves, bookcases or mantel? Let’s aim for the walls! 

Round Seagrass Flat Basket

While some will use a Round Seagrass Flat Basket for storage (which is great!). How about creating a statement piece on a wall using all three sizes of this natural, neutral round seagrass basket? Seagrass is so versatile because it goes with nearly every tone of décor item placed inside. And it adds texture to walls. 

Grove Low Profile Rectangle Basket

The same can be said for the Grove Low Profile Rectangle Basket. We can see it vertical on a wall, perhaps with some faux greenery attached inside, such as a small candle ring. 

Crescent Woven Wall Basket

The Crescent Woven Wall Basket is designed for hanging and filling with seasonal faux greenery. A small bush, a few stems or a half dome all fit snugly inside.

Two Toned Woven Snake Charmer Basket

Perhaps our favorite item in the collection is the Two Toned Woven Snake Charmer Basket. This one doesn’t work on the wall, but it’s great for storage and adding some woven boho charm to a variety of rooms.

  Woven Farmers Market Basket

Seasonal decorating means finding space for items you’re shifting around to fit the new pieces. That’s why we love baskets such as the Woven Farmers Market Basket with a Handle. It’s functional for keeping clutter to a minimum or you can add lush faux greenery. Or how about a collection of starfish, shells and ocean rocks? It’s also great for those occasional farmers market trips.

Woven Magazine Basket With Leather

Speaking of storage, the Woven Magazine Basket With Leather & Metal is ideal for keeping your periodicals, books, knitting or what have you.

 Seagrass Woven Concrete Lamp with White Shade

If you need some extra illumination to showcase your coastal farmhouse décor, a Seagrass Woven Concrete Lamp with White Shade features a thick, natural-toned rope wound around the base.

 Lattice Woven Glass Lantern

Keeping with the illumination theme, the Lattice Woven Glass Lantern is the right size to fit in just about any room, and it really adds coastal charm to the space.

Ivory Woven Cotton Table Runner

Moving on to the dining area, an Ivory Woven Cotton Table Runner adds coastal vibes. Consider a centerpiece with shells, seaglass or starfish in a clear, glass vessel.

Cricket Woven Seagrass Pendant

If you really want to bring New England charm to the dining room, consider adding a Cricket Woven Seagrass Pendant above the table. 

Pumping up your rooms with light, linen-style whites, woven seagrass and glass décor will have you smelling salt in the air in no time. Enjoy the coastal farmhouse décor collection!

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