Infusing foliage into your modern farmhouse fall décor

Infusing foliage into your modern farmhouse fall décor

Stepping outdoors in New England these days does not conjure thoughts of a fall foliage tour. It’s hot! We’re a little more than halfway through summer, but if you’re already thinking of bringing some of those cool, autumn vibes into your home, our fall collection has you covered. For this post on modern farmhouse fall décor, we’re focusing on faux greenery.

Autumn tones don’t need to be depressing or drab. There’s a wide range of hues in our collection for wreaths, stems and bouquets in dazzling shades of orange, yellow and green. If “neutral” is your theme for décor, we’ve got many items that will fit perfectly with your style, too. That said, we also suggest trying a little pop of color with your neutral décor. 

Autumn Pepperberry Garland

For example, this fuzzy, full Autumn Pepperberry Garland gives off some fun fall feels. I love starting with a strand of garland when reinvigorating a space, because it’s so versatile. It can take a plain mantel and give it some oomph. The almost neon orange within a pepperberry garland really catches the eye and could become the item your friends notice (and envy), too.

Add some garland to the tops of your cabinets, or to a shelfscape or bookshelf. Or you can take a note from Vic, and dance around with it like it’s a boa!

 Natural Pampas Grass Wreath

Bump up the “wow” factor in your rooms with a few specially-selected items, such as a Natural Pampas Grass Wreath. It’s got pizazz and a sense of movement with the stems, but still has the neutral tone you adore. A faux pampas grass wreath fits into boho farmhouse décor, too, and looks great on a door or wall.

Penny Leaf Wreath in Ochre

Consider a bolder look for the front door with a Penny Leaf Wreath in Ochre. Ochre is a clay earth tone, and the wreath has leaves of pale yellow, full sun-toned going into some deeper browns and oranges. If you’re looking for a fall birthday gift, look no further. 

Rust Hops Floral Stem

When Rose Buds ask for tips for transforming from season to season and keeping it thrifty, I always say, keep it simple. A couple well-chosen accessories bring new life to a room. For example, a Rust Hops Floral Stem is a great and affordable accent for a mantel or vessel. It also adds some fall flavor to a dining room table.

Cream Faux Dried Pod Stem

Keep it super simple and neutral with a Cream Faux Dried Pod Stem. This one reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax.” It’s eye-catching on its own in a basic vase.

Butter Hops Stem

Or build your own faux greenery bouquet and add a Butter Hops Stem. The green leaves offer some lovely contrast to the dried pods, and the orange blossoms are bewitching next to the creamy pods. 

Bleached and Natural Floral Bouquet

Here’s a bouquet ready for placing in your favorite vase. The lack of color in this Bleached and Natural Floral Bouquet is what makes it striking to me. I love faux greenery with a delicate appearance. I can envision this as the centerpiece to your autumn dining table.

Kore Found Wooden Vases

We can’t forget the vessels, and we’ve found some charming ones for this season’s collection, such as these Kore Found Wooden Vases. Each vase is one of a kind since they’re all made from found wood. The tones, shapes and sizes vary, but will be as close as possible to the five sizes offered.

Chione Handmade Terracotta Vase

If you’re seeking some Southwestern flair for your faux greenery, the shape on this Chione Handmade Terracotta Vase is delightful. A single stem is all you need for a nice showcase.

Lera Ceramic Vase

Our new Lera Ceramic Vase is the epitome of modern farmhouse fall décor. Yes, you can build your own bouquet inside - but is quite pleasing to the eye all on its own.

Just writing about the wonderful faux greenery items and accessories in the collection makes me feel a little cooler. I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready for shorter days and cooler evenings.

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