Classic additions for your fall farmhouse décor

Classic additions for your fall farmhouse décor

Purple Rose Home’s latest collection is chockablock full of farmhouse décor pieces that will bring a sense of nature to your main living room. Rose Buds often ask how to decorate a mantel for fall. I’ve got a few words of inspiration: Simple. Neutral. Whimsical.

 Glass Bubble Candle Sticks

The word whimsical comes to mind when looking at our selection of Glass Bubble Candle Sticks. They come in shades of ancient amber, Turkish apricot, desert sage and duck green. Three shiny bubbles of glass get larger toward the base. 

We’ve styled these with the two orange-toned on one side of the mantel and the two green-toned on the other side, with some garland in the center. You really get the full spectrum of autumn colors that way. 

They’re eye-catching and will turn your mantelscape into the showstopper of the room. Or imagine the smile you’ll bestow when you present one of these beautiful glass candle holders as a gift. 

Embossed Glass Tea lights with Tray

You know that we don’t always go the traditional route with our styling, hence the placement of this set of Embossed Glass Tea lights with Tray in the photo above. When you’re styling the mantel to its ultimate fabulosity, don’t forget the hearth!

Truly, the antique styles of glass tea lights will be a perfect fit on your mantel or on a shelfscape, too. Not only do they fit in perfectly in your fall farmhouse décor plan but they give off some boho vibes, as well.

Embossed Glass Tealights on Wood Tray

If you love those, you’ll equally be enamored with this set of Embossed Glass Tealights on Wood Tray. The tones, shapes and designs of the nine tealights vary but fit together nicely. I like to keep the lights dim during fall evenings and let the romance of candlelight envelop the room.

Imagine the wood tray tealights on the mantel, all lit, with the embossed glass tealight set on the hearth, also lit. Gorgeous!

Natural Pine Cone Candles

I can sense a theme coming on. We found these nifty, orange-toned Natural Pine Cone Candles and had to have them for the season. There are three sizes and you can always mix and match with the classic Bark Pine Cone Candles. Place a set into a clear glass vessel and center it on the mantel. 

Hello Pumpkin Golden Glass

We’re continuing with our tradition of signature scent Purple Rose Home candles. Hello Pumpkin Golden Glass is this season’s offering in a ceramic pot. Get ready for the scents of autumn: pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and fig. Our signature candles are hand-poured on the coast of Maine in small batches using clean, nontoxic ingredients:

  • 100% coconut and soy wax
  • lead-free cotton wicks
  • phthalate-free fragrances blended with pure essential oils

Distressed French Gray Pedestals

Such a lovely candle deserves its time on a pedestal, and we’re offering three sizes of Distressed French Gray Pedestals. One makes a statement and all three sizes will powerfully transform your mantelscape.

Handmade Paper Wall Flower

We’re taking back the negative connotation of the words “wall flower” with some adorable Handmade Paper Wall Flower art pieces. They have a delicate appearance, hushed tones and come in five styles:

  • Lilac
  • Sunflower
  • Cleadon
  • Rose
  • Dust

They’re great for mixing and matching. Style them around the artwork or mirror above your mantel. 

Antique Gold Taper

Got some creamy, white taper candles without a home? One of our favorite fall finds is an Antique Gold Taper  in three heights, perfect for a fall farmhouse mantel. 

Once you’ve completed your mantel, I bet you’ll be smelling the scents of the season, including pumpkin and cinnamon (especially if you’ve included one of our signature candles).


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