Farmhouse tabletop décor

Farmhouse tabletop décor

Styling farmhouse tabletop décor doesn’t have to be hard. You can enhance and refresh your space by adding a few items from our fall collection. “Fun and functional” are words we use often when hunting for the perfect additions to your modern farmhouse kitchen and dining area. 

We purposefully select accessories that are interchangeable or create a nice aesthetic when placed together, so many of the items below can mix and match easily. That’s great if you like to create fresh looks on a regular basis. (It’s fun to surprise visitors to the house. “Is that new? I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Lovely!”)

I also think many of these items fit into the cottagecore décor aesthetic that continues to grow in popularity.  Cottagecore is the trend of decorating your spaces with simple, rural elements.

Evergreen Stoneware Pitcher

One of our treasures for this season is an Evergreen Stoneware Pitcher. I adore the deep tone, the shape and the glossiness of the finish. I can picture it: 

  • On your dining room table
  • Hanging out on a kitchen shelf
  • Packed with stems and placed on the mantel or a bookshelf (such as these earthy hops)
  • Styled with some fun stems and on an end table
  • The list goes on, as this pitcher looks great just about everywhere

Stoneware Domed Dish

If you love antiques, the Stoneware Domed Dish is right up your alley. That handle - loving the shape! The speckles of brown throughout the dome are marvelous. It’s got a subtle glossy glaze. This is a great item for presenting a cake (I can hear you say “Huzzah!” as you take off the lid.)

It’s both fun and functional. When not doing its “job,” the domed dish can adorn your dining table, shelves or breakfast bar.

Stoneware Lemon Juicer

I’ve never seen a lovelier Stoneware Lemon Juicer. In fact, most of us hide our juicers away because they’re so plain (or plastic). Not this one. The speckles and aesthetic match the domed dish, so you could display them together with other accessories. (And this one does a fine job of juicing for an afternoon glass of lemonade. You deserve it!)

Celadon Pleated Ceramic Mug

I think the Celadon Pleated Ceramic Mug is close enough in tone, design and feel to work well with the aforementioned domed dish and juicer. Get a set of mugs and hang them on hooks to create a tableau of ceramic and stoneware kitchen items.

Pleated Stoneware Bowl

Likewise, our Pleated Stoneware Bowl (in celadon or white) pairs easily with the other accessories. I love the idea of changing the set around on a table or shelf, and keeping the look fresh on the regular.

Embossed Platter in Black and Cream

Consider our Embossed Platter in Black and Cream (in two styles). They work side by side or with the small one nestled inside the large. The patterns are distinct but similar enough to style together. They’ll hold some fresh fruit on your kitchen table or breakfast nook. They’re neutral enough to go well with a variety of fruit tones, so apples, oranges, and bananas all look more delicious inside the platter.

  Hello Pumpkin Golden Glass

It’s always candle season as far as I’m concerned, and I’m particularly fond of our signature scent of the Hello Pumpkin Golden Glass candle. Once again, there’s no clashing with any of the above items. The gold-toned, shiny glass holder is a nice complement to the natural pieces I already mentioned. The scent is perfect for the season, too. Warm pumpkin and cinnamon notes will fill the air of your kitchen (and you don’t even have to bake anything).

Tuscan Marble Cheese Board with a Knife

Here’s a piece that works well for both entertaining and adding some décor to your kitchen wall. Simply hang the Tuscan Marble Cheese Board with a Knife on a hook and you’ve got instant art. Or slice some sharp cheddar and serve it with a loaf of hot French bread.

Acacia Wood Salt Bowl with Spoon and Lid

These items update your space for the season, but let’s not forget the seasoning and take home this Acacia Wood Salt Bowl with Spoon and Lid

It’s the perfect little addition for your farmhouse tabletop décor.

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