Wooden kitchen and dining room accessories

Wooden kitchen and dining room accessories

You likely have one or more wooden pieces of furniture in your kitchen/dining room, but have you considered wooden kitchen accessories or wooden dining room accessories to add warmth, texture and character to your space?

Wooden dining room accessories

Walnut Stained Paulownia Tall Vase

Paulownia is the perfect wood for a vessel, as it has a lovely detailed grain and is warp-resistant. Consider this charming Walnut Stained Paulownia Tall Vase for your dining room table, or on a sideboard or buffet. 

The deep brown grains in the Paulownia vase work well with a variety of faux foliage stems, such as our Olive Cork Leaf Stem.

Adding a few of these silver dollar eucalyptus stems for the gathering areas in your home helps provide a cozy feel. The subtle green will look great in the walnut stained vase.

Ivory Maple Leaf Stems

If you want to really make a statement, mix the olive-toned stems with Ivory Maple Leaf Stems. It’s as if the sun bleached the color right out of the perfect maple leaf. The contrast of the olive green and the bleached white makes your display pop. We know when it's mixed with other subtler tones, the styling will be a show-stopper in your dining room.

Woven Cotton and Linen Plaid Throw

You know how we love to find new uses for items, and we think this Woven Cotton and Linen Plaid Throw will look great on your wood dining room table or kitchen table. You’ll love the warm tones of the woven cotton and linen plaid throw. The brown and pink stripes are eye-catching against a natural wood base, such as your table.

Washed Mango Wood Pillar Holder

Bring some extra light to your dining area by pairing some creamy white, thick candles with a Washed Mango Wood Pillar Holder (two sizes). Mango wood has a classic tone in its natural state. Because these holders are petite,  they will also work in a variety of spaces.

Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links

Accessorize your space with one of our most-popular pieces, Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links. They’re quite versatile and work in a variety of spaces in your kitchen/dining areas. 

Wooden kitchen accessories

Let’s keep the love for wood going into the kitchen! (That’s where everyone ends up gathering anyway, so you might as well make it a warm, inviting spot. 

 Acacia Wood Soap Dish

Acacia wood is dense and full of natural minerals, making it water resistant. It's a great option for an Acacia Wood Soap Dish. You’re going to adore the deep brown details in the grain. A neutral bar of handmade soap completes the aesthetic.

Natural Wood Kitchen Brush

We’re always looking for great, little additions for the kitchen that add to your rustic, modern farmhouse aesthetic. Fun and functional combined makes it even better. The Natural Wood Kitchen Brush (two styles) is a handy, natural beech wood dish brush with some stuff bristles for the tough jobs – or hang it on the wall as part of your décor.

Acacia Wood Pepper Grinder

We get lots of requests for natural-toned items for the kitchen – so here you go! This lovely carved Acacia Wood Pepper Grinder is functional, yes, but also look great as part of a shelfscape. The gold finish on the stainless steel adds a nice little, shiny pop.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

And for serving, this gorgeous Acacia Wood Cutting Board is one-of-a-kind. It’s big and ready for large jobs in the kitchen. Or use it to present some fresh-baked bread or as the perfect charcuterie board. It even looks fantastic as a wall display.  

These items offer a lot of versatility in placement around your rooms. Wood - it’s never going out of favor for decorating your modern farmhouse. 

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