Styling your summer porch

Styling your summer porch

Porch weather is something many of us long for all year long. It’s here! That means it’s time for some summer porch décor ideas. I like keeping it cozy and inviting. A cottagecore porch is growing in popularity, and we’re focusing on simplicity in our new summer collection. 

By cottagecore, I mean relaxed and low-stress - a throwback to simpler times. Think: easy updates for your summer porch décor and don’t get anxious about it. Some Rose Buds love hosting large gatherings of friends and family. That’s awesome. But others of us prefer an intimate get together. 

Our back porch was recently renovated, and while it’s ample sized, I’m adding a few comfy pieces for smaller hangouts, whether with my immediate family or some close friends. Let’s start with items focused on comfort.

Vic and I loved these reclaimed wood coat hooks, and they’re perfect for a back porch. Depending on your style or space, there’s  a rectangle,  round or  four-hook version. The hooks are great for sweaters when the summer weather turns chilly at dusk or for hanging some throws for laps or wrapping up in. 

Dusty Blush Stripe Throw with Fringe

A Dusty blush stripe throw with fringe is a natural, subtle-toned, soft blanket that’s not too heavy and perfect when the sun goes down.

Cottagecore Embroidered Pillow

When making a porch as comfy as possible, don’t forget the pillows! Consider a Celadon mud cloth pillow with a green tone. A lush, large pillow is perfect for your cottagecore porch. Pair it with an embroidered pillow. I love the pattern! Imagine these on your outdoor furniture, while you’re curled up with a glass of rose.

Seagrass Wrapped Lantern 2 Sizes

Some charming summer porch decor items help bring your cottagecore vibe to life. A fluted stoneware watering can looks vintage yet classy. It’s functional, too. 

Let’s weave in a few more items to give it some extra cozy vibes. The seagrass wrapped lantern works with candles for an evening gathering or consider putting faux or fresh summer blooms inside. 

Cresent Woven Wall Basket 2 Sizes

Speaking of greenery, our crescent woven wall baskets come in two sizes and are great for hanging on the porch and adding some lush stems or bushes.

Rope Braided Jute Door Mat

Tie the whole porch together with a rope braided jute rug that completes a woven, natural look.

As I said, I’m keeping it simple this summer. A summer porch should offer a welcome escape from a task list, so don’t overdo it on the tasks of putting it together. Think cozy and comfortable and the rest will fall into place. 


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