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Patio decorating ideas with Chrissy Melin

We get asked for patio decorating ideas, and homewithchrissym is kind enough to share her ideas with items from our spring collection.
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Light up your space with faux spring flowers

We’re tickled pink (purple and green) with our spring 2022 collection. Here are some easy, low-maintenance suggestions for breathing life into your interior with modern farmhouse spring décor items.
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Spring greenery and vessels

Simple yet effective spring greenery decorating only takes a couple items. Enhance your farmhouse décor with teases of a new season.
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Farmhouse table lamps and lighting for small spaces

We can achieve a welcoming, bright cottagecore aesthetic with some well-placed, small lamps, candles and rings adorned with some fun faux greenery.
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Brighten your space with faux winter greenery

Many of us have neutral spaces of whites and beiges inside, which may not help the winter blues when it’s frigid. Add some pops of color and charm with some faux winter greenery bushes, candle rings, garland and wreaths.
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Adding life to your boho dining room

Here are boho dining room ideas to refresh your space for the season and take you out of the winter blahs.
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