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Celebrate the season with great gift giving

We make it easy for Rose Buds’ farmhouse gift giving with our perfect gift collection. Here are some of our favorites!
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Ringing in the season with greenery in the home

Our favorite holiday greenery is packed with pinecones and a light flocking. Faux Christmas greenery is ready for all nooks and crannies of your home.
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Keep it simple for a very merry farmhouse Christmas

Having a very merry farmhouse Christmas means keeping it worry-free and peaceful. Here are some ideas for a decorative Christmas without the added stress!
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Bo-ho-ho, it’s a Bohemian Christmas

We’ve curated an earthy, vintage-style for the holidays this year. Peruse these selections for some bohemian-themed ideas. No pressure; these are just here to boost your creativity. You do you for the holidays!
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Natural and distressed items for a vintage vibe

Antiques are great when you can find them, but some natural and distressed decor items can achieve that same antique look and feel. Let’s focus on areas of the house where we tend to spend a lot of time - the kitchen and the “living” space, be it a den, lounge or living room.

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Simple black and white décor enhancements

Adding some black and white flair to your existing color motif is also easy to accomplish with just a few items. Black and white décor items typically add a focal point and a bit of savoir faire to a room
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