Happy trails to the Newbuild Newlyweds

Happy trails to the Newbuild Newlyweds

We’ve loved watching the Newbuild Newlyweds, Kelsey and Ryan, transform their lovely Florida modern farmhouse. And we’ll get to see it again, as the pair are moving to Ohio this month.

“I like that we know what we’re doing now. We’re basically starting everything all over again,” Kelsey said about the couple’s plans.

The team will partner with Kelsey’s family’s house building company, with Ryan on the building side and Kelsey on the design and social media projects. Newbuild fans are in for some exciting content as the couple heads north.

“We’re running out of projects to do here,” Kelsey said of their current home, “so it’s perfect timing.”

We got to know Kelsey and Ryan a couple years ago when they applied to be brand ambassadors for Purple Rose Home. It’s been an amazing partnership. Newbuild Newlyweds even has a curated collection on our site.

“Those are some of the most-complimented and asked-about items!” Kelsey said. “It’s an honor to have that collection.”

Lola Tufted Chenille Ivory Throw

Kelsey recently added the Lola Tufted Chenille Ivory Throw to the couple’s entryway, as seen in the photo above. The fringe and the nubby chenille makes Lola a cozy addition to a variety of rooms.

Spring Green Hanging Hops

Spring Green Hanging Hops (above) are one of Kelsey’s favorites. Baby Ivy Mini Wreaths adorn the two office doors in the entryway, and a Hand Woven Dark Rattan Wall Basket is placed near a welcoming bench in the space (“People love that basket,” Kelsey added).

Hand Woven Dark Rattan Wall Basket

The faux baby ivy wreath offers soft green sprigs of ivy with a sage feel. Consider hanging it in the same space as the ample-sized wall basket. The basket is a great opportunity for showcasing some different greenery or florals as seasons change.

Kelsey Wood Hanging Mirror in 2 Sizes

Also displayed is a piece we named after Kelsey, a wood hanging mirror. “I’m totally honored about that. I love that mirror,” Kelsey said. (This no-fuss mirror comes in two sizes, each with an attached hanger.)

Kelsey and Ryan began their current house with a rustic farmhouse feel. But she quickly discovered that it’s important to learn your specific style in your own time and not base it all on “what’s trendy.”

“I'm definitely geared toward modern farmhouse, but I like mixing in a lot of styles. I like boho. I like modern. I like transitional farm,” she said. “I think people have a lot of items that fit into any style.”

Looking at her photos, you’ll guess correctly that Kelsey likes incorporating a lot of white and light natural tones in her design. I know people that would love to use more whites in their homes, but they’re a little scared. How about some tips, Kelsey?

“Well, we don’t have kids, so that would be my first step, not to have children! But I know not everybody can follow that tip,” she said. “Decorate with what you like and don’t be afraid. If you’re afraid of white and afraid of neutral colors, then you’re not going to love your home that you’re in. Make things work to the best of your abilities and don’t be afraid to decorate with white.”

Lulu Ecru Lumbar Bolster Pillow

Lulu Ecru Lumbar Bolster Pillow

Yes, this boho-style Lulu Bolster-Ecru Jacquard Woven Pillow is off-white, and part of Kelsey and Ryan’s collection. It’s filled with comfy down and adorned on each corner with substantial tassels. 

Kelsey admits she gets a little afraid of white, but reminds herself, it’s just a couch. You can clean it. You can get new décor items. The biggest topic of conversation with the Newlywed’s social following is how they keep the house so clean and uncluttered.

“I utilize my storage the best way I can. In our entryway, we have a big buffet table, and it has eight drawers and all eight of those drawers are filled with stuff,” she said. “Your storage can be cute but functional. In a lot of my decorating, there’s a lot of texture and a lot of visual interest, but they also hide a lot of stuff - like hiding all of our cat toys.

While the new house will include some familiar design choices fans have come to love from Kelsey and Ryan, there are plans to make some brave design changes, too.

“I want to go in a different direction with our new house. Now that I’ve found what I like and found my style, I feel more confident in my ability to do more decorating and big projects,” Kelsey said. “I definitely want to expand and try something new and make it a new style.”

Kelsey said she’s looking forward to exciting changes but plans to keep as many of her favorite décor items as possible.

“We’re going to have big moving trucks, but it’ll be worth it,” she said.

One of the pluses of being the Newbuild Newlyweds is having a home that already looks staged for sale.

Remember, Rose Buds, all it takes is mixing up your existing items with some splashes of creative flair, and you’ve got a brand-new look. Lots of luck in the move, Kelsey and Ryan!

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