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Giving your home an organic feel with woven materials

Woven materials like jute, rattan and seagrass are an effective way to make your space feel relaxed and calm. Bring some woven décor into your home this Spring.
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The new season illuminates a time of change

Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery for inspiration to strike. So, Rose Buds, I encourage you to seek out some new scenes, and find some new pieces that will reset your mood for the new season.
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Designing functional and pretty counterscapes

Shelves, counters, mantels - they can overwhelm some of us quickly. How many items? Too many? Too few? Matching colors? Textures? No worries, Jaci Daily has us covered. “The first step is to start with a blank slate."
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Textured must-haves: decorative pillows and throws

Incorporating textured modern farmhouse decorative pillows and throws into your home can help pull together other textured accessories within your space.
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Wonderful wooden farmhouse gifts for Mother’s Day

For Mother's Day this year, consider something the Moms in your life will be a little surprised by. We’ve selected a few wooden farmhouse gift ideas - some of which are flower-y or at least flower adjacent.
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The eye-catching details in your home

Attention-nabbing home decor doesn’t need to be big or flashy. A few springs of faux greenery - and they don’t have to be green! - will catch the eye and add some warmth and natural vibes to your abode.
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