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Luxury Holiday Gifts Mom will Love

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Flowers. Jewelry. Cosmetics. Nice, but generic gift options for mom don't you think?

So, what if this holiday season you treated her to a less predictable present—something she would love, use and, ultimately, remember you by? Step away from the clichés and truly surprise your mom this year with these awesome gift ideas.

1. Picture your mom in her dream home: standing by the oversized windows of her ocean-side bedroom, a steaming cup of coffee (or tea) in hand, looking out onto the calm waters, sun just peaking up from the horizon. What is she wearing? The Selke Fleece Hooded Robe you gave her, of course! OK, maybe your mom doesn’t like the sea or sunrises, but she will definitely love this robe. It comes in seven luxurious colors, and it is perfectly cozy for cool mornings and winter days. The plush material is so incredibly comfortable that your mom might even start cranking up the A/C in the summer, just to have an excuse to stay snuggled up in her robe. The one you gave her. She won’t forget that.

2. Nothing is quite as comfy and soft as a mother’s hug. So, wouldn’t it be nice to give mom that same feeling in a gift box? Introducing the Darzzi Melange Looped Ombre Scarf. This super warm and stylish infinity scarf is sure to melt your mom’s heart and get her countless compliments too. The 100% cotton material makes it super soft and comfy for all-day wear, and the two-tone color combinations in either cool or warm grey are sure to go with just about anything. And remember, every time someone says, “Oh, I love your scarf! Where did you get it from?” your mom will smile and say, “My daughter/son gave it to me.” Money can’t buy that smile! Well, actually, $39 can.

3. Remember that beach house your mom was dreaming about, while wearing the super soft robe you gave her? Now picture her reading a nice novel, swinging in the hammock on the three-season porch. A gentle breeze creeps up from the ocean, giving her a slight chill. So she reaches for the Darzzi Marl Moss Throw Blanket you gave her, and covers herself. Voilà: she’s wrapped up in 100% cotton goodness and she is instantly thinking of you. The throw is not only warm, but easy on the eye, with a unique knit pattern that creates a beautiful mélange effect. It comes in two color combinations to complement a variety of décors, so your mom and her home will definitely thank you. You’re welcome!

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