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Vintage Style Furniture and Luxury Bedding

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Bella Notte Linens

Over the 16 years we have been in business in Northboro, we have changed our look over and over again. Vicki started as an Antique store in May of 1997. Although the look has changed, we have always kept within the style of vintage, European and shabby chic while always focusing on quality. Gone are the days when the yard was filled with items for purchase and the rooms were filled to the brim with nick nacks, brick a brack, and American antique furniture. We've cleaned up the outside because we've cleaned up the inside. Some folks really miss the clutter on the lawn, but we think a cleaner more tidy property represents the luxuries we now offer inside.

Aidan Gray Home

Now let's be clear on what we mean by luxury. We are not talking about selling Bentley's or McMansions, but that's not a terrible profession to be in either. So when we are seeking out the best bedding or furniture, we are always keeping two words in mind. Quality and Affordable. What we are offering is something a little more than your average offering from bigger retailers. A product that will last beyond the life expectancy of other "quick fix purchases". We understand that affordable is a relative term, but we've been doing this long enough to know when products are overpriced as well. When a good amount of work and craftsmanship combined with quality materials goes into a piece, it's usually priced just right. Hard work has it's price. Not only that, we want your pieces to take you through many, many years and become family heirlooms that can be passed down for many generations.

From our easy care bedding collections to new and old vintage style furniture, we are always keeping our showroom and product offerings fresh and chic. Located in Northboro, MA on historic Route 20. We are a unique linens and furniture store with fabulous gifts and accessories like no other in the greater Northboro area.

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