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Inspired Post from Amore Events by Cody

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Don't you just love social media? I was "taking a break" and checking our Instagram account when I came across this... yeah this. I know RIGHT!!

I'm a sucker for blues. All Shades. The original post is by Amore Events in Charlottesville, VA. In their post, they provide some great advice for using the color indigo for your wedding.  Although in another life I think we would be THE BEST event planners, we'll stick to what we know here. And one of those things we know a little about, is luxurious bedding. Immediately I thought of Bella Notte's Wedgwood.

This is such a unique blue and depending on the fiber content, the color spectrum is just luscious. From indigo, to blueberry, to the deepest ocean waters. A stunning contrast with white and very luxurious indeed. The quality of Bella Notte Linens is surpassed by no others.  To have rich velvet's and silks that can be washed right in your machine, will make any mother of little ones thrilled to take the plunge into a designer bed set like this. As a new mom, I can say I am thrilled with the ability to pop my Bella Notte sheets and duvet right in the washing machine and have them come out looking and feeling the same as the day I brought them home. And when the bed is all made, it looks like I hired a designer.

The fabric choices are soft and the colors are customizable to your decor. If your style is shabby chic or upscale resort, your home will say thank you for making Bella Notte a part of it.

Create a complete set or just add a few accent pieces to your existing bedding. Or let us be your designer and we will create the perfect set up for your room. For easy care luxury bed linens, choose Bella Notte and the quality will make you happy.

View the entire line of Bella Notte Linens here

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