Area rugs for every home

Choosing an area rug for your home can be daunting. I know I struggle with choosing the right rug, mostly because of so many options, but basically because this is the piece that grounds the whole room. The rug brings the whole look together and a room could go in just about any direction depending on the rug you choose. This can also be fun, cause if you have a bit of a vintage flair in your decor, but want to modernize it, you can choose a more contemporary rug.

Dash & Albert Falls Village Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Dash & Albert Samson Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Dash & Albert Bonnie Blue Cotton Woven Rug
Twice a year we are graced with the introduction of fabulous new rugs from Dash and Albert Rug Company. A variety of colors and constructions to tempt the senses of any decor enthusiast and home owner. Designers fawn over Dash and Albert for their versatility, endurance and range of style. Cotton woven rugs for their whimsical and colorful stripes, indoor/outdoor rugs in weaves of PET that look and feel like cotton or super soft wool. You  just won't believe you can put them outside.
Plush tufted rugs in soft hues and simple patterns. Woven wool, wool hooked in bright and muted tones, jute and just so many fun and inspiring options for any room in any home.

This spring's collection does not fall short of a plethora of rugs in a variety of styles. Just from the collaborative collection with Bunny Williams alone, we have Bonnie and Beatrice. Bo and Baxter. Falls Village, Streeter, Samson, Poppy, Hudson and new colors in Annabelle. Some cotton woven, some PET indoor/outdoor all fabulous.

The tufted wool intro's this season have all of us at Purple Rose swooning. Soft and subtle blues and yellows in Gracie and Tivoli. Lace Medallion is the prefect neutral rug in a beige background with an ivory lace medallion print allover. It's romantic and transitional and plush and soft and cozy and...

Needless to say we are thrilled with the new collection and excited to announce we will now be offering Free Shipping, Free Returns AND...

A Free, rug stop, rug pad with orders over $100.
Now that's a pretty sweet deal.

Dash & Albert Lace Medallion Wool Tufted Rug

Dash & Albert Tivoli Ocean Tufted Wool Rug

Dash & Albert Gracie Tufted Wool Rug

Dash & Albert Antibe Stripe Cotton Woven Rugs

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