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Winter Decor Ideas: A Remedy for a Rosebud’s Winter Blahs

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Winter Decor Ideas: A Remedy for a Rosebud’s Winter Blahs

Let’s brush away the winter blahs with a bit of modern farmhouse bravura!

Even if your environment isn’t icy, snowy and blistering cold like here in New England, it’s the season to warm up: warm up our bodies, warm up our souls and warm up our rooms. That said, we’ve curated a cozy selection of winter goodness to take your space from “winter blahs” to “cozy aaahhhh’s.”

This winter, we’re thinking bright but not too brassy. Let’s create an inviting environment with pieces that look fantastic in natural light, whether it’s a welcome sunny afternoon or a mood-lit dim morning. Bare trees blow outside, but indoors a pop of green can really add some warmth to your living spaces. I’m loving this penny eucalyptus bush that offers versatility placed inside a variety of containers or draped across a mantel space.

In fact, the green really draws in the eye when you place the bush inside one of these textured Mika wooden vases. Unique grain patterns makes each vase a one of a kind. If you have a wall or a door that just needs “something,” consider a winter wreath. In cypress or boxwood, the evergreens will add a little color and life to your tableau. Itty bitty greeneries and some lush pieces are part of the collection, too.

Mood lighting is one way to spin a dreary, cloud-filled grey day, and when it gets a little too dim inside, brighten the room with some subtle-scented candles that hang out in these Logan's bleached wood candlesticks. They are completely at home in both traditional and modern farmhouse environments. Just imagine the glow in the corner as you nestle in to read a few chapters on a casual weekend morning.

Our winter collection offers several taper candle holders and brass lanterns, too. We looked far and wide to locate some pieces that complement your space, and keep with the winter mindset. Wood and wicker is on the menu, too, inviting some natural flavor for your kitchen and dining rooms.

Not sure about you, but I like to keep the rooms a little on the cooler side to give me an excuse to layer up – including wrapping into super-comfy throws. Sure, throws add some flavor to the backs of sofas, shelves and other spaces, but they also provide some physical comfort too, draped over shoulders or across chilly feet.

How about this Sadie coral striped throw blanket with hints of color throughout – including some fun tassels. (Confession, there’s one on my lap as I write this post.) Here’s another concept for this variety of wintery throws: I like changing up my wall spaces based on the season. You can see on our collection page that we have several tassel throw blankets slung across a branch and hung with some twine.

It’s a classic farmhouse look and might I say, a bit classy, too?

Thank you for taking a look. Just thinking about the winter collection has taken me from a little chilly to all warm and fuzzy inside. Your ideas for future items in the seasonal collections are always welcome. Enjoy the season and stay warm out there!

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