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Cozy and Simple Farmhouse Mantel Decorating

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Cozy and Simple Farmhouse Mantel Decorating
Looking for the right farmhouse mantel decor for your home can be overwhelming. Our homes are all unique and mantels are not all created equal. But putting together a look for your mantel can actually be quite easy if you keep a couple important things in mind. First, what is the depth of the ledge and do you have a focal point above? Like a TV or a piece of art. Once you have these elements identified, you can plan for your mantelpieces.

Knowing the depth allows you to determine if you can place candle holders, lanterns or other decorative items on the ledge. Just like knowing how big your focal piece is, you can determine if any additional decor items will fit. 
Below are two styled mantels using different items from our online collection. Please visit our Mantel Decor Instagram Highlight for a video how to as well. 

The focal point on my mantel is really the bold brick feature, but I'm using one of our European window frame signs to lighten things up. You can use any piece of art of architectural piece that fits the space. Next I added one of our Lambs Ear Garland's and six Snow White Ranunculus Stems. Placing two in the center and working out from there. Next I added some vintage baluster pieces I had, but tall white candlesticks can also be added to get the look. And last I topped it off with our Eliza Hand-Woven Cream Cotton Tassel Garland using thumbtacks. Again, all of this can be seen in the Instagram link above.

For the second look, I kept the tassel garland but added four of our Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stems and two pairs of our Kinsley Taper Candle Holders. The Eucalyptus stems are really long and full of leaves so just two on each side was enough for a little hint of green. In the center I added a large and a small of our Ember Black Stain Woodfire Tray's.  

You don't always need a lot of pieces to make your mantel look styled and cozy. 

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