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Purple Rose’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Purple Rose’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Transforming our darling, little shop into a Christmas wonderland is the highlight of our year, right Vic?

While decking the halls with lovely bells, greenery and nuggets of red ‘n’ white, I stopped to think, “This is our 23rd Purple Rose Home Christmas – how did that happen?” I think time sometimes stands still when we’re collecting and offering timeless bits of beauty for the home.

And, sure, we might think this every season, but I truly believe we have some of our finest Christmas decor this holiday season!

What do you think, Rose Buds? Please share your favorites with us (as we’re already have our sights set on Christmas 2020).

Here are some of our favorites: 

Red and white – you can’t go wrong with this color combo, in my opinion. I adore this warm, lovely crimson and white plaid cotton blanket. Keep it draped on a chair or sofa and it adds a great pop of holiday color to your space, and once the sun goes down, wrap up and snuggle in for a holiday movie and some popcorn. “It’s a Wonderful Life,” indeed!


Here’s a thought – Christmas décor ignites all our senses. Of course, sight and smell – Mmm, love a woodsy candle. Taste, too, though as who hasn’t samples popcorn as it’s strung for the tree, right? I love to hear those bells jingle when a door opens (because we’re giving out angel wings all season long, Rose Buds!).

But, touch. Yes, touch is the sense that truly comes alive this season. There’s something that blasts me back to childhood, running my fingers along these real cypress mini wreaths with organza. The soft, bristly cypress transforms me to a girl in boots and a parka, ready to sled down the tallest hill.

That’s the beauty of wintery decor - enjoy the vibe without the chill of blistering air outdoors! We included a few weather/distressed items this season to capture the feel of tradition. Consider these adorable holiday village metal buildings and then above them on the wall, place a distressed white metal star wall pocket with some green and berries inside! 


What I adore about this year’s collection is that it’s so easy to add an item or two (OK or three or four), and instantly transform a room from everyday to holiday. That’s why we look for rings of ribbon, ornaments that look good on and off the tree, festive paper table runners and fun signs adorned with Christmas messages (some with a little sass, too).

Our goal is to bring you smiles and laughter as you transform your own space into a personalized Christmas wonderland. Not over-the-top, not gaudy – tastefully you!

Merry Christmas, Rose Buds!

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