Outdoor Décor with House Becomes Home

Outdoor Décor with House Becomes Home

Relaxed, clean and simple are words many of us love to use to describe our aesthetic – but achieving that consistently with our home décor poses challenges. That’s why we love to see how marvelous influencers such as Jordan Farmer of House Becomes Home work their magic.

Jordan shared some tips for outdoor summer décor, such as choosing items with durability, which is a must with three kids and two dogs.  

“Making sure everything looks good and is functional,” is how Jordan approaches summer décor outdoors, when preparing for visitors. “I want my guests to have a great time and be able to relax and I want to have a good time myself! So having items that help set the mood and serve my guests is a must.”

Durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing summarizes her approach. It’s also nice when you can put together an outdoor space that stands the test of time.

“I love adding little décor accessories outside such as bowls, vases and plants. Lanterns are also a great way to add some ambiance,” Jordan said.

Jordan’s outdoor aesthetic matches her interior: neutral with texture and earth tones.

“That's why I'm loving the Purple Rose Home summer décor items!” she said.

Jordan used some of our neutral dining table accessories in her backyard entertaining space.

Block Print Cotton Napkin Set: It’s sometimes a challenge to find the right style of napkin that fits with a modern farmhouse dining space. These retro beauties are soft and have a pleasant, not overwhelming pattern. They also look great inside wood or woven napkin rings and will look wonderful paired with many colors of dishware.  

Cyrene Woven Jute and Cotton Placemat: Setting a lovely, organized table can be a challenge. Here’s a tip – each setting needs a base, such as these woven jute and cotton placemats. They’re neutral, so they won’t compete with your dishware but they also fit right in on a big, wooden farmhouse table. Woven items are in high demand this season, too, so don’t wait to snatch these up for your dining room. (Sold individually.)

Bamboo Wrapped Salad Servers: Put away those big, metal forked servers. This set looks wonderful next to a bold serving bowl, as seen above. We’re loving the bamboo wrap on these wooden salad servers. Of course they work well when mixing and delivering a nice spinach salad, but there’s no need to hide these when the meal is over. They also look great displayed as part of a counterscape.

Zelma Tall Carved Wooden Urn: Here’s a gorgeous, natural-toned piece that makes a spectacular statement. Faux stem greenery and faux flowers - or seasonal real ones - look fantastic inside. The urn also works well on a stand on the porch or deck. (They also make a great gift.)

Reactive Glaze Stoneware Sugar and Creamer: Yes, they’re sold individually, but you’re going to want them both. The reactive glaze on each piece is simple and clean, suitable for any style table. The creamer features a sweet white handle while the sugar bowl comes with the lid and a wooden spoon for serving.

Consider some of these other accessories from our summer collection for your next outdoor gathering:

Hand Woven 3 Tiered Basket Tray

Hand Woven 3 Tiered Basket Tray: A top requested item is tiered trays, but we were finding them to be too similar to what is already available on the market. Then, this beauty showed up and we said "hello" and "you’re ours". Handwoven rattan around a sturdy metal frame makes this piece perfect for your farmhouse tableau.

Marble Cheese Board with Natural Wooden Handl

Marble Cheese Board with Natural Wooden Handle: When gatherings commence, you'll have a modern piece for entertaining. Mixing natural elements like woods and marble is all the rage. The juxtaposition works seamlessly and will wow your guests.

We met Jordan on Instagram and quickly discovered our styles meshed.

“Purple Rose Home’s outdoor line fits in perfectly with my style! It’s neutral and has great texture and lots of earth tones. Each piece can easily be used inside my home as well as outside,” Jordan said.

We appreciate that Jordan isn’t a trend hopper and that her style remains classic.

“I also recommend this to my followers and clients. Get pieces that you know you will still love years from now,” she said.

That’s great advice for your indoor and outdoor décor. Thanks, Jordan!


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