Modern farmhouse gift ideas

Modern farmhouse gift ideas

“It’s the thought that counts” is a phrase we’ve all heard dozens - if not hundreds - of times. Like you, I take pride in being a “thoughtful” gift giver. However, we also have that friend or loved one that can be challenging to shop for. We want to deliver the perfect gift and receive a smile in return, but that perfect gift can be elusive. Until now! We’ve curated a collection of thoughtful gifts.

Into The Woods Whipped Soap

Yes, even a great gift for that wonderful guy in your life. We’ve partnered with Firoella Soapery to whip up some whipped soap. Into The Woods Whipped Soap features the subtle scent of pine and a touch of patchouli. This would be great in any stocking - but especially his! The lather offers a great base for a smooth shave. It’s made of all the good stuff and none of the bad, fake stuff.

We’ve got a custom scent Hello Gingerbread Whipped Soap for the ladies in your life, too. I describe these unique soaps with three words: Creamy. Dreamy. Luxurious.

OK, let’s start checking names off your gift list! 

Getting together and exchanging gifts feels a little more special this year, I think. I don’t think a lot about cost when choosing the right gift, either. If it’s the right gift, it’s the right gift, no matter the cost.

Scented Holiday Bar Soaps

For example, how about pairing some delightfully scented soaps with a fun dish? Our gift collection features our signature fragrances Scented Holiday Bar Soaps go perfectly with a scalloped dish. Why not put together a themed gift basket for that special someone. Keep the cleanliness theme going with a handsome stoneware soap dispenser in deep green, which includes a sponge holder.

Letterpress Inspirational Cards

I love finding the perfect book for a gift. We carry two books by our friend, an amazing designer, Bre Doucette. Bre shares the gift of getting together in one tome and shares her great ideas for décor in the home in the other.  Pair the book with one of our Letterpress Inspirational Cards, including your personal message of adoration for a loved one.

Embossed Glass Tealights on a Wood Tray.

While the days slooowly get a little longer once Christmas has passed, we still have plenty of overcast and gloomy days ahead. I say, give the gift of light. One of our favorite finds this year are these joyous, fun and totally unique glass candlesticks. It’s like a stack of bubbles! For your neutral fans, we’ve got an earthy tone and for those who love a pop of color, there’s a luscious green bubble candlestick. Keep the enlightening theme flickering with this charming set of Embossed Glass Tealights on a Wood Tray.

Forest Forage Woven Throw

Finally, don’t forget yourself this time of year. We take on a lot of extra tasks when preparing a magical holiday season for everyone else. Remember to take some time to get cozy, relax and reflect. For that, may I offer a forest-themed blanket and pillow for some snuggle time on the sofa.

Your gift giving game just got upped, so take a little “you” time. Tell ‘em Kim said it’s OK.

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