Modern farmhouse Christmas gifts

Modern farmhouse Christmas gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a dear friend or family member? We’ve got candles, reindeer and bells - all ready to ship. Let Purple Rose Home help you with the ideal modern farmhouse Christmas gifts. 

Modern farmhouse candles

Marbled Glass Into the Woods Poured Candle

If you like to give something festive, you’re in luck. Our exclusive Marbled Glass Into the Woods Poured Candle was hand-poured over the summer in Maine. Our exclusive scent has pine and a subtle hint of patchouli which will add a soft and woodsy vibe to your space. We’re pleased with the simple, clean ingredients, too, such as 100% coconut and soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances blended with pure essential oils. There’s none of the “bad stuff” you may find in other candles and all ingredients are USA-sourced.

 Etched Evergreen Into The Woods Candle

What’s a holiday house without a lot of candles, right? Our Etched Evergreen Into The Woods Candle

has the classic look of an etched white woodsy pattern into deep green glass. There are two sizes, depending where you’ll place it, or they also pair nicely as a gift.

Into The Woods Clear Glass

If the one you’re shopping for is into neat, clean and neutral accessories for their modern farmhouse, the Into The Woods Clear Glass is a great choice in a simple glass vessel. The clear glass with stark white candle inside will fit into any décor style.

Hello Gingerbread Holiday Snow Scene Candle.

How about a gift for someone who relishes the holiday season but also likes to keep it neutral. They’re going to love the snowy toile scene on the vessel of our Hello Gingerbread Holiday Snow Scene Candle.

Mmm, and once they light the festive gingerbread and peppermint candle poured inside, they’re going to get all the Christmas feels. Our soy and coconut wax candles are poured by the fine folks at Sea Love Candles in Kennebunkport, Maine. There’s no better gift than the lovely scents of cinnamon, clove and peppermint to fill the room. 

Modern farmhouse reindeer

Natural Mango Wood Reindeer

If you’re looking for a non-candle gift, how about delivering some festive spirit to a good friend’s mantelscape, counterscape or shelfscape with a Natural Mango Wood Reindeer (available in two sizes). Mango wood adds warmth to a variety of spaces. Along with a natural wood tone, these reindeer have hints of whitewash to remind us of the magical winter season. I bet your loved one will adore this hand carved showcase piece.

Washed Mango Wood Pillar Holder

Mango wood has a classic, neutral tone that makes it great for candles, which you can see with this Washed Mango Wood Pillar Holder (also in two sizes). You can pair it with an unlimited choice of candle colors to go inside when gifting it, too. These holders are petite so they will work in a variety of spaces, from the mantel to a small shelfscape or even a bedside table. 

Modern farmhouse bells

 Artisan Gold Hanging Bell

Big bells are all the rage this season, and we’ve got lots of big bell options for gifts. Big bells add some jingle to your space whether hung on a tree, mantle, or doorway. I know your friend will love the unique shape of our Artisan Gold Hanging Bell which can be hung above doorways or under the mantel.

Antique Gold Hanging Bell Set

I also love the shape of the rope-hung bells on our Antique Gold Hanging Bell Set! If your pal appreciates modern touches, but says “there’s nothing like tradition,” this is a wonderful option. I can see these antique-look bells hanging under doorways, hallways or in front of a mirror, to add some holiday flair.

Artisan Gold Hanging Bell Cluster

We're also delighted to offer this adorable Artisan Gold Hanging Bell Cluster for bringing a festive vibe to a dear one’s space. They’re gonna love the unique shape of this cluster! Including gold-toned accessories in holiday decorating really lifts the space especially within a neutral look. 

These items are also great for mixing and matching. Gold and candlelight are awesome partners for adding both light and shadows in a space. Mango wood looks even more delightful next to candlelight, too. Have fun shopping for all those dear to your hearts, Rose Buds!

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