Bo-ho-ho, it’s a Bohemian Christmas

Bo-ho-ho, it’s a Bohemian Christmas

The first rule of holiday decorating is, there are no rules when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Your personality shines through when you decorate with things you love. If you’re a fan of boho style, let your imagination roam through all the textures, patterns and colors you love to create a Christmas you love just as much. (Or don’t; as I said, no rules here!)

We see a lot of people get boxed in with holiday decorating. All that pressure to keep up with the Joneses is unnecessary. If that means getting carefree with a mix of styles, feels and tones, woohoo! Get down with your boho self and check out our Christmas collection.

We’ve curated an earthy, vintage-style for the holidays this year. Peruse these selections for some bohemian-themed ideas. No pressure; these are just here to boost your creativity. You do you for the holidays!

Boho Wooden Bead Swag Garland

If you want to kick things off for a very merry boho Christmas, this Boho Wooden Bead Swag Garland is playful and festive while eschewing the trappings of traditional holiday décor (no glitter here). One of the greatest things with no-rules Christmas decorating is the ability to overlap patterns and use items that normally don’t go together. Yet it works, because it’s your style.

Birch Log Bundle

For example, imagine this natural Birch Log Bundle on a shelfscape next to these charming faux book sets? (There’s the Dashing set and the Gift set.) All of a sudden, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas but without the blinding green and red color scheme. (The books are actually clever boxes that can be used for hiding holiday gifts.)

 Woven Seagrass Decorative Tree

It’s OK to celebrate without a lot of glitz. You still love Christmas, but your décor style tends toward natural and textured. Take a peek at this amazing Woven Seagrass Decorative Tree. It’s seasonal, natural and simply beautiful. We choose a lot of items that aren’t too tiny and aren’t too overwhelming to give you a variety of options for placement and for pairing. 

Wrapped Seagrass Star Ornaments

The boho style is perfect for some of the classic shapes and items associated with the season, such as stars, bells and trees. These Wrapped Seagrass Star Ornaments work well if you display a tree but they also work well on their own, on the mantel or even placed inside a basket, maybe even this Woven Basket with a Red Bead Accent. It’s natural, has a wonderful texture and has that pop of the season - a simple crimson beaded row.

Black Metal Bells on Jute

We look for boho Christmas decor pieces that will be at home in a variety of rooms to give you freedom when decorating. These Black Metal Bells on Jute can hang anywhere you like, from a door to the mantel or along the staircase.

White Christmas Tree Candle

I’m sure you already have some favorite items that you like to display during the holiday season, and they may have some bold pops of color. Here are some items with more natural and neutral tones, in case you don’t want to add more colors.  

This White Christmas Tree Candle is simple and simply lovely. I don’t remember ever seeing a candle quite like it. It’s got texture and the white is eye-catching. It adds simple luminescence to the space. Consider pairing it with this Birch Candle.

Pinecone Light Led Bottle Ornament 2 Sizes

Need some smaller items for some finishing touches? This Pinecone Light Bottle Ornament works on the tree or imagine a trio of them for the dining table. Speaking of, I adore the deep, green tone of the Lotta Linen Like Table Runner. It looks so good against a natural wood table. 

Christmas Tree Wooden Dough Bowl

You can also use this Christmas Tree Wooden Dough Bowl as part of your dining room or kitchen decorating for the season. (Or use it in any room you like - perhaps with pinecones inside?)

Snowy Tree Trio on a Log

This Snowy Tree Trio on a Log is another option for the dining room or on a dining counterscape, maybe styled on a hutch or cabinet. These also go anywhere you fancy. The last thing we want is to trap you in a Christmas box when it comes to décor. 

These are simply suggestions and we’d love to see how creative you get with this year’s collection. Happy holiday decorating, Rose Buds!

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