Natural and distressed items for a vintage vibe

Natural and distressed items for a vintage vibe

You don’t have to search far and wide for the antiques to achieve a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Antiques are great when you can find them, but some natural and distressed decor items can achieve that same antique look and feel.

Let’s focus on areas of the house where we tend to spend a lot of time - the kitchen and the “living” space, be it a den, lounge or living room - those areas where we gather for talk, coffee or refreshments. 

You don’t have to change your tables, shelves or cabinets in the kitchen and dining rooms to create a “worn in” look. Add a few of these items to your spaces and you’ll find they have a charming, new (old) feel.

Paulownia Wood Cake Stand

For example, this Paulownia Wood Cake Stand looks like it came from Grandma’s kitchen. All it’s missing is a three-tier coconut cake, right? The white-wash has a natural, aged appearance. We love items that are functional and delightful to look at, and this stand takes the cake - pun intended.

Aqua and Rust Stonewear Pitcher

It pairs well with this Aqua and Rust Stonewear Pitcher, another item that looks like it came from yesteryear. It’s got a nice tone and is a good conversation piece by itself, but consider adding faux flowers or faux greenery and it becomes the perfect vase for a natural, distressed vibe.

Natural Pinecone Candle

We always look for small, affordable items that can easily go into a space and give it a fresh appearance, such as this Natural Pinecone Candle. These look great on a dining table for a candlelit dinner or on a shelfscape to add some autumn vibes.

Time Worn Terracotta Pot with Whitewash

A dining space often needs a centerpiece or showcase item to really achieve a new feel. This Time Worn Terracotta Pot with Whitewash is ample sized but not overwhelming for a large table, counter or shelf. Again, this is where faux greenery and faux flowers can make an impact. This natural, whitewash pot has that distressed look we’re seeking, and it’s great for multiple seasons depending on the types of flowers or stems you choose.

Modern Black and Natural Dustpan & Brush

Let your visitors know that tidiness matters in your modern farmhouse space with a Modern Black and Natural Dustpan & Brush, which looks great hung on a hook in the kitchen. It’s not an item that people immediately think of when going for the natural look, but trust me, it brings that aesthetic to life.

Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links

Rose Buds love it when we find simple, natural decor items that work well in a variety of rooms. That’s probably why this new addition for 2021 has proved so popular. These Decorative Reclaimed Wood Chain Links have the natural and distressed appearance and work wonderfully on a shelf or small table in the kitchen or living spaces.

Boho Tassel Oval Wood Bead Strand

This Boho Tassel Oval Wood Bead Strand also fits that bill. Incorporate these into one of your ‘scapes or on the mantel to exemplify your natural look.

Distressed Vintage Like Cream Pedestal 3 Sizes

It’s great to have items that can easily be altered to fit with different seasons, such as these Distressed French Gray Pedestal 3 Sizes and these Distressed Vintage Like Cream Pedestal 3 Sizes. I love the antique-y look and you can make vintage meet modern by adding a candle, candle ring or faux greenery atop. Consider burnt oranges for fall and then exchange it for white, red and green as we move into the holiday season.

Woven Magazine Basket With Leather & Metal

This Tassel Tied Garland Natural Wood works well in multiple spaces to give your living/entertaining areas a natural vibe. And while this Woven Magazine Basket With Leather & Metal doesn’t look distressed at all, it’s beautiful and will go well in your modern-meets-vintage space. Plus it’s functional because it helps keep the clutter of periodicals to a minimum.

 Lucas Distressed Table Lamp

I find that natural-themed spaces often need a little extra illumination. Consider this Lucas Distressed Table Lamp to add light to the living space. Of course, it’s got that distressed style that we’re loving, too.

It’s great to hear your ideas for achieving that natural and distressed look, too, so please share away!

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