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The Softest Sheets You'll Ever Dream On

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Have you ever wanted to sleep like royalty?  To slip into bed and feel the softest material touch you skin that you feel like you're sleeping in silk.  As you rest your head on your pillow, your cheek brushes against a buttery cotton without any scratchy sensation at all.  Adjusting your positions in bed feels like swimming in the smooth waters of a crystal pool. Sounding good so far?

Bella Notte Linens offers Bella. A 600 thread count, 100% cotton, Italian sateen sheeting so you can experience luxury when you sleep.  I have owned both the big box store versions of high thread count sateen sheets and the Bella Notte and nothing compares to Bella, nothing.  The more you wash them, the softer they feel. All Bella Notte pieces are made in Novato, California from materials sourced here in the US. Their low impact dying allows a better choice for our environment and an option for you to add a pop of color to your bed.   Choose from a variety of blue, white, pink, purple, brown, beige and gray tones. Complimentary swatches are always available upon request.

Bella Notte is always Free Shipping. 

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