One on One with Liz Roth at Desert Decor

farmhouse sofa french stripe
(Shown above: Abella Sofa, Presley Throw in Natural, Lavender Baskets)

Liz @desertdecor is an active gal from the Arizona desert.  She has a deep passion for home design.  When she's not whipping up a stunning vignette, she's teaching her fitness classes, and enjoying time with her beautiful family of 4.  Her style is ALL farmhouse.  Liz loves to incorporate chippy antique finds into her home.  We adore how she styles her antique pieces with her Purple Rose Home decor. From her gorgeous bedroom to her amazing seasonal vignettes, find something for every room on your home for any time of the year.  View Liz's full Purple Rose Home Collection here


PRH: We love the way you style your gorgeous home and find your European farmhouse aesthetic very refreshing and romantic. What drew you to farmhouse style and what are some of your favorite elements of the style?

LR: For me it’s all about a feeling!  When I see farmhouse style pieces for my home, it literally makes my heart race!  Although I love a beautiful boho, or modern aesthetic...that style does not speak to my senses the way a beautiful chippy farmhouse piece does.  I love items in my home with charm, character, imperfections, and unique me those pieces always seem to fall in the farmhouse category.  

(Show above: Presley Throw in Natural and Lavender Baskets)

PRH: That's why we're a match made in heaven! The chippier the better!

Finding authentic vintage can be tricky, so reproduction vintage is where it’s at if you want that look without the hunt or hassle.  When choosing reproduction vintage decor for your home do you have a certain set of guidelines you adhere to in terms of the quality? How it’s made, how it looks etc?

LR: I love a good antique, but antiques can be pricey and aren’t always practical when you need a sturdy functional piece.  Luckily, there are so many wonderful and authentic replicas available. When choosing a vintage inspired piece from Purple Rose Home, I love that you and Vic are mindful to make sure your pieces truly reflect the same charming characteristics that a true vintage piece would have.

PRH: Thank you girl! Quality is very important to us.

You have quite the Instagram following!! Can you tell us a little more about how you grew your account to over 150k?

LR: Authenticity!  I have always been myself, always shared exactly what’s on my mind!  I think people found that refreshing, and relatable. In my short time on Instagram, I worked hard to cultivate friendships, and relationships with my followers, whom I now call friends.  I also don’t have the most beautiful, or most custom home on Instagram, but I have always work extra hard on my styling techniques, post writing, and photography to make sure the best portions of my home were highlighted.   Also, Lots of kindness and sharing of my home by such accounts as Better Homes and Gardens, Nate Berkus, and Hobby Lobby have also helped me to significantly grow.

(Shown above: Large Word Pillow)

PRH: Which accounts on IG inspire you the most?

The  accounts that inspire me the most on instagram are the trail blazers.  The accounts that have homes that reflect THEIR OWN personal style rather than following current trends.  A few of my favorite accounts are @birdie_farm, @jesswasserman, @lizmariegalvan, and @whitetailfarmhouse.

PRH: Those are all really great accounts. Love that Liz Marie and sweet Lucy!

You were one of our first curated collections and we love working with you. What drew you to Purple Rose Home and why do you keep coming back for more?

LR: Purple Rose Home sets itself apart by choosing quality over quantity!  You are thoughtful to hand choose pieces that you are proud to sell that also reflect your style. I love working with companies that have integrity!!!!

(Shown above: Elizabeth Duvet and Shams. Sarah Coverlet and Shams)

PRH: What are your most favorite decor items in you home? Not just from Purple Rose Home

LR: Sincerely, my favorite pieces ALL come from Purple Rose Home!  My Abella Sofa has my heart. When it first arrived, and I unwrapped it...I cried.  My Elizabeth bedding, and Sarah bedding also remain a few of my favorites from my collection.  Your faux greenery is the best out there too! You might have to spend a little more for each piece but it's so worth it. Beyond these pieces, my antiques are my favorite items in my home.

PRH: You’ve just recently completed a Kitchen Reno! Which turned into a bit of a whole house reno! We love all the changes! Do you have any suggestions, tips or tricks for our followers that may be doing a similar project in the future?

LR: Bottom line...higher a designer!!!!  Our designer Sandra @spacehomeoutfitters was a masterful wizard, and made things happen in our kitchen that we didn’t think was possible!!!  Know what you want before you get started, and stick to a budget. Unless money isn’t an issue… then go wild and GET IT ALL!!!!!!!

Quick Fire Round for fun:

First job?  Barros Pizza.  Creepy manager spanked me with a pizza pan...I quit!

Beach or mountains?  Beach

Favorite movie?  Far and Away

Can not live without?  Dancing

Best advice you ever received?  Your kids are only young for so long...ENJOY them while they are young and still want to hang out with you.

What are we having for lunch when we finally meet?  Duh, PHO!!! (Liz and I joke that pho will be our first meal when meet).

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. We love working with you and can't wait to see all your new styling in your freshly painted home. 

Have questions for Liz? Leave them below in our comments and we will pick our favorites for a live story on Instagram in the month of May.



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