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The Magic of a Modern Farmhouse Christmas

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The Magic of a Modern Farmhouse Christmas

It’s a very merry modern farmhouse Christmas at Purple Rose Home, Rosebuds, and we’re pleased to present our 2019 holiday collection. We prep ALL, YEAR, LONG, for what we refer to as our Superbowl.

Vic and I are so in love with this magically curated collection. Here are this season’s themes for decorating with modern farmhouse charm – from the top of the tree to the pillows on the bed.

Red and White

Our Rosebuds savor a red and white holiday—and what a striking color scheme it is! Our mission is locating pieces that complement your existing home décor—or become centerpieces for a brand-new look in your space.

Holiday Greenery with hint of red

This year, we’re thrilled to ring in the Christmas season with these gorgeous, white, metal bells in three sizes: big, bigger and ginormous! We love these pieces. The natural rope, classic design—and imagine a touch of gold added. Perhaps a snip of curled ribbon? There are so many opportunities for these grand bells in your Christmas display.

White metal bells

A green Christmas tree just pops with bits of red and white, which is why we added some darling red heart ornaments, ready for trimming the tree. We also have a delightful white metal distressed truck - with room in the back for some trees in a variety of green!

Red and white ribbon wraps up this collection nicely, too.

Nice ‘n’ Natural

Burlap-bagged trees by themselves or in a row help add a woodsy tone to your living space. There’s something timeless about a natural theme, so we added some gold and brassy-toned items. How about a metallic lantern with a bit of greenery placed just so? Greenery with a hint of red provided by some berries looks so amazing in a gold or natural-color setting. Which brings us to …

Burlap bag trees

… Keeping with Tradition

A selection of wreaths and fun signs point to a traditional, fun-filled family Christmas celebration. Plaid and velvet felt right this year –our 23rd Christmas, by the way—so look for some gorgeous wreaths, throws and festive ribbon. A bit of flocking and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


Ah, time to get all snug and comfy! Our warm, inviting blankets and throw pillows add some holiday magic to a sitting room chair, sofa or on a guest bed. Winter white pillows with sassy tassels might remind you of making holiday sweets with Grandma.

We haven’t even mentioned our big showstoppers for the season—but that’s because we have more stories to share this season. Look for upcoming blog posts that dig deep into the love for greenery—so many shades and so many uses. Stay tuned, Rosebuds. There’s plenty more to come this holiday season!

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