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Greenery & Garland Make the Holidays Magical

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Greenery & Garland Make the Holidays Magical

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? Well, it’s arrived!

Don’t be envious of anyone else’s display this year, because with a few selections from the holiday greenery & garland collection, your space will be belle of the ball (don’t forget to add some bell accessories, too)!

Your canvas is ready for some splashes of color and some sprigs ‘n’ sprays of delightful greenery.

We hear challenges like, “What do I do with this corner? Nothing fits over here.” Well, take a gander at these adorable felt ball garland strands. We can’t choose a favorite color – and you don’t have to! Mix ‘n’ match or spread their joy throughout different rooms.

Oh, but after you’ve felt the felt, don’t neglect these other wondrous options. Grand strands of garland are available in a variety of styles and shapes, perfect for a traditional Christmas at home.

After donning some glorious garland, don’t forget to include some touches of greenery to the mix. A bit here and there with your existing décor provides some Christmas cheer, without the need to overhaul the entire space.

The California eucalyptus door swag is a particularly lovely assembly of greens. Brighten a door, mirror or any space that can use an element of holiday wonder.


Much of this greenery has to be touched to be believed – it’s so realistic! We love a hint of color, so we’ve included a handful of greens with round popping berries.

One item we know won’t last the season is the greens and pine cone swag with glitter – it’s the ultimate gift - if you can bear to part with it!


Stay tuned for more of our Christmas favorites in this year’s collection.


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