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At Spartina, the Mermaid’s story and intriguing mythology continues to spark imaginations and inspire their collections. We are pleased to introduce her as a special treasure in the new Spring Collection.

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Sailors Watch
Sailboats are a common sight around Daufuskie as sea-going adventurers are enticed by some of the best harbors and surrounding waters for year round sailing. Average air temperatures range from 59˚ in January to 89˚ in July with ocean temperatures averaging between 52˚ and 84˚. Mariners navigating the waters have to be aware of winds, tides, and of course, mermaids!

(cal • uh • bow • gee)
Calibogue Sound, an Indian name meaning “Sweet Water,” borders Daufuskie Island on the east. The island is bordered on the north by the Cooper River, the south by Mongin Creek, and by New River on the west. According to local mermaid mythology, sailors who passed through the area on ships at night were often lured into the waters by the captivating songs of beautiful mermaids. Once in the water, the mermaids disappeared.

Summer House
Daufuskie’s population swells in the summer as part-timers move into their island homes. Before the advent of airconditioning, people moved to the shore in the hot months to escape the heat. Today, they enjoy cool island breezes from gracious front porches. From their homes, some can hear the sounds of the ocean and even,
perhaps, the alluring call of the mermaid’s song.

Mermaids have captured the imaginations of people around the world, and every country has its own mythology surrounding this intriguing aquatic creature. In the southern European country of Maltese, for example, sirens and mermaids have the same description and are known as Sirena.  So, keep your eyes open…you never know when an enchanting mermaid might captivate you!

Shell Beach
Daufuskie’s beaches are a favorite for sun-seekers and shell collectors. Depending 
on the time of year, treasure hunters can find conch shells, starfish, sand dollars, horseshoe crabs, and other fascinating sea creatures. According to local legend, you might even f ind mermaids sunning themselves in the light of the moon.


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