Introducing our debut decor box, Rose Bud Box For Budding Decorators

Introducing our debut decor box, Rose Bud Box For Budding Decorators

Rose Bud Box, "For Budding Decorators", is exclusive to Purple Rose Home and named for the stage that happens to a flower right before it blooms. A flower only blossoms with a little care and nurture and our decor boxes will give you confidence to style some fun items all on your own. And maybe a little cause Kimberly Rose Bud is still a favorite nickname of mine for one special family member.

We've taken to curating some best sellers, sometimes with a vintage twist, into one box and having some of our favorite decor influencers style them up for us and add their own vibe. Home decor right to your door and ready to style.  

Each box will contain our curated foundation items and a "recipe card" with style instructions and tips from our featured stylist. Each card is broken into steps, making styling easy. Not all items in the image are in your box, but we link to the "upgrades" on the Rose Bud Box product page or give you tips on where you could find your own version of the extra items. We do this so you can use your own creative expression and add your own touches to the decor. 

Some boxes will be limited edition due to availability of found/vintage items and each debut will have a limited quantity while we launch this new program. We are currently working on more boxes and will roll them out as we are ready. Already working on 2 more!

Our first stylist is Vanessa at @hawthornhomeinteriors.  Vanessa is a Midwest girl with a passion for home decor, DIY and her sweet family of 5. Her style is a mix of both traditional and modern farmhouse with a cozy vibe that makes you want to hang out all day. Decorate your home with Purple Rose Home goodies in Vanessa’s farmhouse style with our “Urban Farm” Rose Bud Box. Consisting of 6 curated decor items that you can mix with your own or add from our collection. 

The Urban Farm Box will include 1 Large open wood and metal shelf, 1 Set of Vintage wooden corbels, 1 Set of 3 white ceramic bottles, 1 Potted faux sage, 1 BoHo Bead, and 1 Set of 3 faux succulents.

You'll want to build your vignette one step at a time using the items in your box and you can play with your own favorite pieces like Vanessa did here with a found mason jar filled with faux lemon's. She's loving the lemon's right now. 

Vanessa gives us some great feedback as she styles her shelf. Here's what she has to say...

Step 1: "First, attached shelf to the wall and add your larger foundation pieces that you want to spotlight.  In this set we want to showcase these gorgeous authentic corbels and framed artwork (the framed art is not included).  Make it balanced by placing them on opposite sides and shelves"

The reason we don't offer the framed art in the box is so you can choose your own saying or use something you already have. Like a photo of your family. If you're interested in the shelf art, you can order in addition to your box. 

Step 2: "Add layers and texture by using old found books and an olive bucket candle."

We want you to pick your own fragrances so the olive bucket candle will be an upgrade too. Or you could use your own candle or none at all and use another favorite vessel or object that you may already have in your home.

Step 3: "For more interest add a new material like these ceramic bottles and found glass Mason jar of lemons."

Vanessa is really loving lemons right now so that's why she chose the old mason jar filled with faux lemons as a piece of interest for her. Here're where you can put your stamp on it.

Step 4: "For the final touches, add the greenery and BoHo beads. The faux sage plant and succulents create a colorful and softened visual affect. Drape the Boho beads around a glass bottle to add even more of a layering affect."

And Voila. 

And here are two more ways to style it.

If you're one of the lucky ones getting decor to your door, please post and tag @purplerosehome & #rosebudbox.


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  • Hello,
    I love this box. It’s so perfect and adds creativity from the “professionals”, which I am not :-) How much is the box and how may we order one ? Thank you so much.

    Holly Farmer

    Holly Farmer on
  • Fun idea. I love the shelf. You’ve got me thinking…

    Lori on

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