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Fragrances to Make you Feel Like Royalty

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Imagine strolling through the side streets of London and stumbling upon an book store filled with vintage treasures.  There you find an apothecary manual filled with ancient remedies and tinctures that sets your mind in motion towards a line of fragrances fit for a vagabond filled with wanderlust.  Creator Sean O'Mara, has taken his love for travel and childhood memories and infused them with fragrances worthy of royalty.  Each scent represents whimsical moments of the past that keep you forever remembering those special moments. No scent is too overpowering and each will become something different from wearer to wearer.

Each 2 oz Perfume is packed in a box wrapped with paper printed with a map of the streets of London and tied with a ribbon.   Each 4 oz hand creme comes in a beautifully printed patterned box.

Japonesque: inspired by the arrival of Japanese green tea in England. Hints of cherry and orange blossoms are mixed with the sweet scent of Matcha tea, all over a base of citrus.
Cutting Garden: your own personal English garden in a bottle. A bouquet of gardenia, rose and lily of the valley are perfectly combined in this fresh and flirty fragrance. 
Holland Park: a subtle floral scent with notes of lemon, magnolia, peach, jasmine, orange and muguet and a base of powdery white musk. This peaceful fragrance is reminiscent of this peaceful park in London.
City of Angels: reminiscent of the Santa Anna winds of Los Angeles. Bringing notes of ocean and marine from the beaches. Orange blossom, jasmine, white magnolia, ivy and eucalyptus from canyons. And ozone and cedarwood from the hills.
Venetian Grove:  a unique fragrance with notes of berries and orange blossoms. A scent sure to leave an intoxicating and memorable aroma on anyone mind.

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