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Farmhouse Accessories for Centerpieces and Countertops

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We may not all own a farmhouse, but many of us are working to turn our interiors into one. And why not, farmhouses are cozy and classic and well, the cat's meow of the home decor world right now.

Spring has sprung and we have a bee in our bonnet about adding some of our favorite accessories to the web site. The accessories we offer in store are really the meat and potatoes of our establishment. There's just so many that by the time little old me gets a chance to add them, we've moved on to something else. We're gonna changed that. You guys deserve better right?!?! I have no control over the vendor powers that be for discontinuations and stock, but we're turning a new leaf over here. 

So I dusted off my camera and used my basic photography and editing skills to bring the world these beauties that can help get you that farmhouse look you love.

When it comes to artificial flowers, I'm just not that into them. Vic loves them and so do many of you. The occasional artificial greens like ferns or evergreens for the holidays, those I can do. These Hydrangeas, THESE, I can do too. How could you not. They're gorgeous.  The petals are so perfectly tinted and they look so stinkin real. They're certainly a favorite among our clients and we just had to reorder a second, much bigger batch to accommodate all the love. That's not all though, (enter whispering voice) they come in green too...

It's really a mix of white and green but they too are stunning. Use these hydrangeas in vases or ceramic urns like this one. The blue flowers above are nestled in a vintage ice pop mold. We only have a couple left, but if I can get more I will add them because what farmhouse girl (or boy) wouldn't want a rusty hunk of metal to put her florals in? Right? 

I'm a blue girl myself so either color would work for me but there is something so pure about these white and green ones. The mix is dreamy and I can just imagine them paired with warm rustic wood accents and clear glass vases. Like I said... Dreamy.

The farmhouse look is never complete without a little rustic metal and this double flower holder can hold your fake or real flowers. There's a glass jar in each section that's perfect for holding water for the freshies and the lid is wire mesh to keep the flowers perfectly separated giving you a fool proof bouquet. Oh, and a little handle too so bring it right out to your garden and arrange away. I like to use this holder on a kitchen table or island. It also works great on book shelves or buffets and sideboards.

A two tiered metal tray can help you bring height to a vignette but more importantly a space to house your vintage treasures. You could even line the trays with a pretty napkin and fill with muffins or cookies to bring to a friend. With mothers day coming, what a great gift that would make.

These are some of my favorite pieces this season and there's still more to come. I added a couple others here and I had so much fun taking the pictures and styling for them that I'll be adding more very soon. If you're local, pop in to see what we have cause there's so many options in the shop for accessories that would be perfect for your farmhouse look.

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