Candyland Christmas decorations

Candyland Christmas decorations

Yes, Rose Buds, candyland Christmas decorations remain very popular, and there is a way to style them in your home without creating a “pink nightmare” (“A Christmas Story” reference). Think whimsical but not overwhelming. We have some fun neutral selections in our Christmas collection this year that will add some delightful pops of color - including pink but not too much pink - to your modern farmhouse wonderland.

Chenille Embroidered Merry Christmas Pillow

Let’s kick off your modern farmhouse Christmas décor with pillows! Pillows are a simple way to add some holiday flair to sofas and chairs. Our Chenille Embroidered Merry Christmas Pillow is neutral-toned, square and features a bright, expressive "Merry Christmas" message in a pinkish, cursive handwriting. Why not let your decor offer happy wishes for the holiday, right? Comfort and joy, we could all use some, and we’ll provide it with a Chenille Embroidered Comfort & Joy Pillow. The red of the cursive message really pops. 

Blush Fountain Grass Wreath

Perhaps you want to be festive but the idea of even a hint of pink is a turnoff for you. How about a Blush Fountain Grass Wreath that shakes up traditional holiday decor. It can be in place of or in harmony with a green foliage wreath. What we love about this grass wreath is that it works all year long. All you’ll need to do is add some seasonal and small stems for a different look for each season.

Carved Wood Rolling Pin

We’ve said it before but fun and functional is one of our mantras here at Purple Rose Home. This charming Carved Wood Rolling Pin will look adorable in your kitchen. Bonus, you can use it to make your own ornaments using the patterns on the rolling pins with air-dry clay. Homemade ornaments on the tree, made by the family. That’s really getting into the holiday spirit. (Psst, the rolling pin is also an easy way to roll out some yummy sugar cookies.)

No time for rolling out clay ornaments? OK, we have ready-to-go clay “Cookie” Ornaments for the tree in tree shapes. The neutral tones of beige and green will look marvelous on your boho-style tree.

Champagne Glass Ball Ornament

Classics always never go out of style, hence the Champagne Glass Ball Ornament. This style has adorned lush Christmas trees for centuries, although this one has a unique and lovely champagne-toned swirl pattern with some opalescence. Decorate the tree with some of these - and maybe pop a bottle of bubbly while at it!

Foraged Wool Toadstool Ornaments

I like a variety of ornament styles on the tree. Yes, I use some round glass ornaments, but I also think it’s fun to include different textures and materials on the tree. Foraged Wool Toadstool Ornaments and Foraged Wool Button Mushroom Ornaments are truly adorable and add a sense of nature to the tree.

Paper Pine Cone Ornament

Speaking of nature, keep the vibe going with a Paper Pine Cone Ornament. These are handmade, using recycled paper and look awesome on the tree or in other spaces around the home.

I’m consistently tickled pink that our Rose Buds look to us for styling their modern farmhouse Christmas displays. But all this talk of cookies is making me peckish, so I’m off to the kitchen to roll out some goodies.

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